How Far is Las Vegas From New York? Flight Options + More

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When it comes to traversing the vast expanse of the United States, the question “how far is Las Vegas from New York?” is one that piques the curiosity of many travellers. The distance between these two iconic cities, known for their contrasting atmosphere, entertainment offerings and vibrant cultures, can be covered through various means. 

I dive into the world of direct flights, flight distances, airlines to choose from, travel durations and more to help you plan your journey efficiently and make the most out of your travels! 

Direct Flights and Flight Distance 

For those seeking a convenient and time-efficient way to travel between New York City and Las Vegas, direct flights are a popular choice. Direct flights, also known as nonstop flights, allow travellers to reach their destination without layovers or stops in between. 

Here are some airlines that offer direct flights between the two cities: 

American Airlines 

American Airlines provides a reliable and popular choice for travellers flying from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York to McCarran International Airport/Harry Reid International (LAS) in Las Vegas. With numerous flights, you’ll find flexibility in choosing departure times to fit your schedule. 

Delta Airlines has a good number of flights as well that are as low as $288 roundtrip.

United Airlines 

United also offers non-stop flights from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) in the New York metropolitan area to Harry Reid International Airport. This option is your best bet for those seeking a seamless journey. 

Find United flights for as low as $313 roundtrip.

Spirit Airlines 

Travelling on a budget? Spirit Airlines is known for its affordable fares between New York and Las Vegas. They provide non-stop flights from major airports like JFK to McCarran International Airport, often offering some of the cheapest flights on the market! 

I was able to find a Spirit roundtrip flight (with one stopover) for $179, as well as direct flights for $316.

Alaska Airlines 

For travellers seeking a mix of comfort and convenience, Alaska Airlines offers direct flights from JFK International Airport to Las Vegas. With a reputation for excellent service, Alaska Airlines will provide you with a hassle-free journey. 

While Alaska Airlines used to have direct flights, it appears as if they always include a stopover in San Fransisco. While this could be a deterrent, I see it as an opportunity to extend your layover and explore San Fran!

Shop flights from $306 return.

Comparing Your Options

When choosing between these airlines, consider factors such as flight times, prices and your departure airport. American Airlines and United Airlines are excellent choices for those departing from JFK and EWR, respectively, offering a variety of flight times throughout the day. 

If you’re simply after affordability, Spirit Airlines stands out with its budget-friendly fares. They might be your best choice if you’re flexible with your travel dates. 

Alaska Airlines, on the other hand, offers a balance of service quality and convenience. 

Additional Tips

  • Use tools like flight time calculators and Vincenty’s formula for precise air distance calculations to plan your journey effectively.
  • Keep an eye out for special offers and deals on flights, as airlines often run promotions that can save you money on your trip to Sin City! 

How Far is Las Vegas From New York?

The flight distance between New York and Las Vegas is approximately 2,400 miles (3,862 km) in a straight line. This air distance might vary slightly based on the flight path taken by different airlines and aircraft types. 

Flight Duration and Time Difference

The flight duration for non-stop flights from New York to Las Vegas typically ranges from around 5-6 hours, depending on factors such as wind speed and direction. 

It’s essential to consider the time difference as well. Las Vegas is in the Pacific Time Zone (PST), while New York is in the Eastern Time Zone (EST). This time difference of approximately 3 hours should be factored into your travel plans. 

Choosing the Right Flight

When searching for the best flights between these two cities, several airlines provide a range of options. Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, American Airlines and Spirit Airlines are among the most popular choices for travellers. These major airlines offer various departure times, including early morning and late-night flights, allowing you to pick the schedule that suits your preferences. 

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Flight Ticket Prices and Deals 

Flight prices can vary significantly based on factors such as the time of booking, demand and the class of service. I’d recommend checking out flight comparison websites like Kayak, where users can find and compare flight options from different airlines. 

I also like using Skyscanner to find the cheapest dates to fly on! Booking in advance and remaining flexible with your travel dates can help you score the best deals and offers! 

Exploring Alternate Routes: Road Trips and Driving Distance

For those with a sense of adventure and a desire to explore the landscapes between these two cities, a road trip is an exciting option. The driving distance between New York and Las Vegas is approximately 2,500 – 2,800 miles (4,023 – 4,506 km), depending on the route you take. 

This journey offers the opportunity to witness the diverse beauty of the United States, from the urban sprawl of the East Coast to the vast desert landscapes of the Southwest. 

After doing some travel math, the drive is about 37 hours. If you’re willing to drive around 6 hours per day, you can get the drive done comfortably in a week. Take a look at the cheapest car rentals here!

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Final Thoughts 

In the quest to answer the question “how far is Las Vegas from New York?” travellers have an array of choices at their disposal. Whether you opt for the speed and convenience of direct flights, the scenic route of a road trip or something in between, careful planning can ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Remember that the adventure lies not just in reaching your destination but in the experiences that unfold along the way!

I’ll be back shortly with a new blog but in the meantime, you can follow my adventures as a full-time traveller and digital nomad on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube! 


Amy xx 

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