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I’ve been travelling the world since 2016 and have been to over 35 countries (at the time of writing this page in December 2022). I’ve learned a LOT about travel along the way, including the best items needed for travel.

I only promote travel products I actually use and love! I hope you love these travel resources as much as I do and have fun exploring the world.

What to Pack

Tortuga Backpack – When deciding on a backpack, ALWAYS go for one that opens like a suitcase (clamshell) because it’s the easiest to pack and unpack! I’ve been using a 45L backpack from Tortuga and love how much it can fit.

Trtl Travel Pillow – You won’t find me using any other travel pillow. This one is small and compact and can be washed during your travels after one or two uses!

GRAYL Filtering Water Bottle – I’ve been using GRAYL to filter water all around the world and love their bottles! You can easily filter water from the tap in Vietnam or while on a hike in Hawaii. It’s a travel essential!

Travel Insurance – SafetyWing is the best option for travel/medical insurance if you’re on a budget or are a digital nomad. I’ve been using them for months now and at $42/month with global coverage, you won’t find much better.

Packing Cubes – If you’re not already using packing cubes, you’re missing out! Compression packing cubes will help you fit even more in a msall backpack.

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The Best Search Engines for Booking Flights

Google Flights – I always start checking flights here! Go on incognito mode to make sure you get the cheapest flights and use the map feature to find the cheapest countries to fly to.

SkyScanner – SkyScanner’s ‘everywhere’ feature is the best. It will show you the cheapest flights near you and you can filter by month or week that you’re planning your trip.

Skiplagged – You can find unreal travel deals by booking flights with a connection that’s your ideal final destination.

Hopper – Hopper is a travel app that shows you the best time to book flights. You can track them and see when they’re predicted to rise. I’ve never booked directly through Hopper but use it to check prices before booking!

YYZ Deals – For my fellow Torontonians! Use YYZ deals to find mistake fares (roundtrip flights to and from destinations) on this platform. It will take you to Google Flights or another platform to book. Make sure you hop on these deals fast because they don’t last long!

Budget Airlines

Ryanair – The best budget airline I’ve used in Europe. To get the best deal, book directly through their website and try to travel with just a personal item or carry on if you can to avoid additional fees.

easyJet – Another popular airline in Europe. They seem to be a little more strict than Ryanair when it comes to luggage allowance and fly at awkward times but will get you to a new destination on a dime.

Jetstar – If you’re travelling through Australia, Jetstar will have the best rates, hands down.

The Best Travel Credit Cards

Wise – This is simply the best way to send money internationally but they also have a card that you can pre-load money onto while you’re travelling. You can add different currencies or your home currency and avoid big fees while abroad.

Koho – This one is only for Canadians! It’s free to order a card. Just make sure you activate it while you’re in Canada or you won’t be able to use it.

Finding Accommodation

Worldpackers – The BEST way to get free accommodation through a work-trade all around the world. Pay a one time fee with my 20% discount and have access to unique accommodation pretty much anywhere you could think of!

HostelWorld – This is one of the first apps I check when looking for a place to stay. It’s easy to use but keep in mind that if you book directly through the hostel, it’s usually cheaper. – The major difference between and HostelWorld is that Booking keeps track of how often you book with them and you get great rewards ($ off) over time.

Airbnb – This is definitely the best option for longer stays or if you’re travelling with someone.

Trusted Housesitters – Starting at $169/year, you have the chance to message hosts from around the world so you can live, work and/or travel from their home. You’ll need to look after a few things while they’re gone but it’s definitely worth it if you want to stay in one place for a while!

WWOOF – A great option for volunteering and getting free accommodation around the world.

Becoming a Digital Nomad

Onward Ticket – As a digital nomad, you don’t always know how long you may want to spend in a country. However, some countries require an onward ticket before you can board the flight or enter their country. In that case, you can purchase a ‘fake’ flight through onward ticket. The reservation is available for 48 hours or one week, depending on what you want to spend. I used it when flying to Colombia and no one checked – so I count that as a success!

SafetyWing – You need to have travel & medical insurance if you’re travelling. I’ve been using SafetyWing for over a year now and would recommend them to anyone who’s travelling long-term. It’s an affordable option in case you need medical attention while you’re abroad.

Becoming a Digital Nomad eBook – If you’re seriously considering becoming a digital nomad, there’s a LOT you should know before you jump in head first! My 28-page guide will answer your burning questions & give you helpful resources to get started.

Buy the eBook now!

Local Transportation

Rome2Rio – The BEST place to find out how to get from one location to another. It shows flights and all forms of ground and water transportation that you won’t find on Google! Rome2Rio might be my most-used travel app and is one of my favourite travel resources.

Uber – The most convenient way to get around in North America/South America.

Bolt – Like Uber, just cheaper! I always go with Bolt if it’s an option in the country I’m visiting.

Grab – Asia’s version of Uber.

BlaBlaCar – The best place to find rideshares from one city/country to another in Europe!

Zipcar – A car sharing app in Toronto. Great if you need a car for one day or a few hours and don’t want to go through a rental company.


Airalo – While I usually get a new Sim on arrival at the airport, sometimes they aren’t available and that’s where eSims come in handy. I’ve used Airalo a few times in Europe and in Canada when I was back visiting family. They don’t have the best packages for data but it’s good if you’re in a pinch!

Blogging Resources

RankIQ – If you want to start a blog, you need to have proper keyword research so that people can find your posts through search! I’ve been using RankIQ and LOVE it. If you want 50% off their regular price of $99/month ($49!), use my link here.

That’s all I’ve got for travel resources at the moment! I’ll be updating this page as I continue to find helpful resources for you. In the meantime, say hi to me over on IG (I always reply to DMs) and I post daily TikToks about budget and solo travel.


Amy xx