17 Best Clubs in Manchester: Top Nightclubs 2023

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When the sunsets over Manchester, the city transforms into a pulsating hub of nightlife, offering an array of options for those seeking the best clubs in Manchester. From the iconic Northern Quarter to the vibrant Deansgate Locks, Manchester’s club scene is a treasure trove of excitement.

Here’s a curated list of the top nightclubs that guarantee an unforgettable night out! 

Northern Quarter Nightclubs

Soup Kitchen 

Looking for a hotspot for live music events and intimate dance floors? Soup Kitchen has got you covered! It offers a fusion of music genres, ensuring a great time for all. It seamlessly fuses music, art and culinary delights, making it a unique experience for all senses. 

Its cosy atmosphere and commitment to diverse music, make it a hotspot for creatives and music enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking live acts, intimate dance floors or gastronomic adventure, you can’t go wrong with Soup Kitchen. This place is a testament to Manchester’s trendy atmosphere and a nightclub you can’t miss out on!

Mint Lounge 

Tucked away on Manchester’s Oldham Street, Mint Lounge is a beloved spot for those who love indie music and a laid-back vibe. With its diverse music genres and regular club nights, it’s a hotspot for a chill night out It exudes an irresistible charm that draws in night owls seeking an alternative nightlife experience. 

The playlist caters to diverse tastes, while regular club nights ensure a steady flow of entertainment. With its unpretentious setting and mixed crowd, Mint Lounge is a refreshing break from the mainstream, making it a go-to spot for an unforgettable night out in Manchester. 

Deansgate Locks Nightclubs

The Liars Club

Known for its great music and fantastic sound system, Liars Club is a must-visit in the Deansgate Locks district. With great music and a blend of cocktails that will transport you to distant shores, it’s a hotspot for anyone interested in a fun night out. The Liars Club’s unique charm, free-spirited vibe and immersive setting make it a standout choice for anyone seeking an escape. The energetic atmosphere and free entry policy make it a go-to spot for a wild night!

Club Liv 

This venue is known for its electrifying dance floor and top-notch music. With its energetic ambience and free entry, it guarantees a great night for all partygoers. Boating an expansive dance floor, top-notch music and a fun atmosphere, it’s a beacon for partygoers. 

The club’s commitment to providing a great time is evident through its vibrant crowd. It’s a seamless fusion of style, music and entertainment, making it one of the best clubs in Manchester!

Revolucion de Cuba 

Offering a taste of Cuba in the heart of Manchester (Princess Street), this popular nightclub is known for its lively atmosphere and delicious cocktails. Its beautiful terrace bar adds to the charm and is an oasis for those seeking a taste of the exotic. 

The club’s dedication to delivering a great night out is reflected in its diverse music genres, lively social scene and dance floor. It’s a fusion of cultures and offers a fun night – guaranteed. 

Lola Lo Manchester 

Nestled in Manchester’s heart, is a captivating tropical escape within the city’s nightlife. Inspired by the Pacific Islands, it offers a chill vibe with bamboo decor and lush greenery. The dance floor pulses with energy, inviting visitors to groove to a diverse mix of funky house and chart-topping tunes spun by skilled DJs. 

Lola Lo’s cocktail list adds to the allure, featuring exotic concoctions that perfectly complement the setting. Whether celebrating or seeking a fun night out, Lola Lo guarantees a great night, blending its Pacific charm with Manchester’s vibrant spirit for a night of dance and laughter. 

The Venue Manchester

Located at the heart of Manchester’s nightlife, this club stands as a pinnacle of entertainment and excitement. This iconic spot offers an unparalleled experience with its dynamic dance floors, amazing sound systems and an eclectic mix of music genres, from electrifying EDM to classic hits. 

With its spacious layout and trendy vibe, it’s the perfect space to dance the night away with friends!

Other Great Manchester Clubs 

Albert Hall

Albert Hall on Peter Street was transformed from a Methodist chapel into a live music venue and offers a unique experience. This historic venue marries grandeur with modernity, creating a captivating space for live music events and immersive club experiences. 

Hosting big names like the Stone Roses, you can’t go wrong and its awe-inspiring architecture transcends the ordinary, making every night a remarkable journey into Manchester’s cultural and musical landscape. It’s an unmissable destination for those craving a memorable night in the heart of the city! 

Deaf Institute 

Catering to indie music enthusiasts, Deaf Institute is an intimate spot with regular club nights on Thomas Street. It’s a great choice for those looking for a relaxed yet entertaining night out or a hidden gem. It has a blend of entertainment and regular club nights that embody the city’s creative spirit. 

The Warehouse Project

Situated in the heart of Manchester’s music scene, The Warehouse Project is a legendary nightclub that commands attention. Renowned for hosting an unparalleled lineup of world-class DJs and electronic music acts, it promises an unforgettable audiovisual experience. 

The venue’s industrial aesthetics, colossal sound systems and immersive lighting create an electrifying atmosphere that resonates with music enthusiasts. With its reputation as a hub for cutting-edge electronic sounds, you can’t miss it! 

Factory 251

A legendary cornerstone of Manchester’s nightlife, Factory 251 echoes the city’s musical heritage. Housed in the iconic Factory Record HQ, this nightclub is a homage to Manchester’s rich music history. With its industrial-chic decor, cutting-edge sound system and a blend of genres, from indie classics to modern hits, it’s a magnet for music junkies. 

It reverberates with the city’s pulsating energy, offering an immersive experience that bridges past and present. For a night of dance, culture and vibrant spirit, Factory 251 remains an essential stop in Manchester’s bustling nocturnal landscape. 

Satan’s Hollow

Unveiling a darker side of Manchester’s nightlife, Satan’s Hollow is a one-of-a-kind nightclub on Princess Street. This alternative hotspot embraces the edgier music genres, creating an electrifying haven for fans of rock, metal and alternative sounds. 

With its gothic-inspired decor, dancer floors and live music, it’s a sanctuary for those interested in a unique nightclub experience. It embodies Manchester’s diversity to provide a space for subcultures to thrive, offering a devilishly good time for those who march to the beat of their own drum! 

Bridgewater Hall 

Known as a concert hall on Oxford Road, Bridgewater Hall occasionally transforms into a dynamic nightclub. It’s the perfect spot to groove to live acts and funky house tunes. This is one of the best clubs in Manchester because it redefines the city’s nightlife, emphasizing collaboration, culture and innovation. 

With its vast spaces, cutting-edge sounds and a commitment to pushing boundaries, it’s the place to be for those seeking a multidimensional night out that seamlessly blends music, art and Manchester’s unique energy. 

Cruz 101

Anchored in Manchester’s vibrant Canal Street, Cruz 101 is an iconic LGBTQ+ nightclub that’s been lighting up the city’s nightlife for years. With its inclusive ethos, dynamic dance floors and fun atmosphere, it’s a sanctuary for self-expression and celebration. 

Renowned for hosting lively drag shows, themed parties and top-notch DJs, it’s a cornerstone of Manchester’s LGBTQ+ scene. Cruz 101 not only offers unforgettable nights but also champions unity and diversity, making it a pivotal space where individuals come together to dance, celebrate and be themselves in the heart of the city. That alone is enough to make it one of the best clubs in Manchester! 

42’s Manchester

Found on Bootle Street, 42’s Manchester is a legendary nightclub that encapsulates the essence of the city’s indie music culture. Known for its indie and alternative music scene, this venue is a magnet for music enthusiasts seeking an authentic night out. 

With live music events, DJ sets and a cozy atmosphere, it’s a haven for those who appreciate the sound of indie classics and modern hits. It embodies the city’s musical legacy and offers a genuine, down-to-earth experience, making it an essential stop for those who want to soak in Manchester’s indie spirit. 

Viva Manchester

Situated in the center of the city, Viva Manchester has stylish decor, diverse music and is a dynamic escape for partygoers. Known for its lively dance floors and social scene, Viva caters to a wide spectrum of music tastes. Whether you’re seeking a night of dancing to the latest hits, live performances or a place to socialize, Viva promises a good one!


Tucked away beneath the bustling streets of Manchester, Hidden is an underground haven for electronic music. As the name suggests, it’s a hidden gem within the city’s nightlife scene, offering an intimate and immersive experience. 

With its minimalist industrial design, top-tier sounds and array of electronic music genres, it’s a hot spot for those seeking a crazy dance floor journey. Hidden attracts a community of devoted music lovers who gather in the depths to revel in the beats of techno, house and more! 

Why Party in Manchester? 

When it comes to choosing an unforgettable party experience, few places compare to the vibrant city of Manchester. With its rich cultural heritage, diverse music scene and pulsating energy, Manchester stands as a prime destination for those looking to dance the night away, make memories and embrace a nightlife like no other. 

Each neighbourhood has its own charm and an array of nightclubs to explore. Whether you’re into dance floors, rooftop bars or live music, Manchester’s neighbourhoods cater to various preferences, ensuring everyone finds their niche. So which one of the best clubs in Manchester are you going to try first?

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