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Let’s face it – it’s a challenge buying gifts for travellers because they often value experiences over physical items. It can also be tough to compete with a trip to a cool and unique international destination. With that being said, I’ve slowly uncovered some of the best women’s travel gifts after years of travel. This travel gift guide is full of practical and different traveller gifts you never would have thought about getting!

Best Travel Gifts For Her

*Note: Most of these products are linked through my Amazon storefront and a few other affiliate links. That means if you purchase from these links, I’ll earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). I only recommend products I have bought or would buy personally. These affiliate links allow me to provide you with helpful and in-depth travel guides.

Low Budget Travel Gifts (Stocking Stuffers)

These gifts are perfect if you’re looking for something small.


Price: $9.95

I don’t go anywhere without my slippers. They’re great on flights and you can throw them in the wash afterward.

Refillable Perfume Bottles

Price: $9.99

When it comes to women’s travel gifts, refillable perfume bottles have probably never crossed your mind. However, they’re really useful, especially if the woman you’re gifting it to has a few signature scents that she likes to travel with!

Fanny Pack

Price: $18.98

Are you even a backpacker if you don’t have a fanny pack? The answer is quite simply, no. These fanny packs are great for all travellers, as they have many compartments to store your passport, cards and cash.

Quick dry Towel

Price: $9.99

This is one of my favourite travel gifts because microfibre towels pack up super small (great for backpackers) and they dry insanely fast. Trust me when I tell you that’s exactly what you want if you’re moving from place to place!

Face Sunscreen

Price: $19.99

While it’s usually easier to buy sunscreen at your destination (rather than packing it), I’d recommend bringing your own face sunscreen with you. This is my favourite brand because it rubs in so smoothly and doesn’t make your face greasy throughout the day.

Toiletries Organizer

Price: $17.99

Having a way to easily separate and organize toiletries is truly a game-changer! I love how this organizer has a hook to hang it up while in the shower and many different compartments to store things.

Travel Journal

Price: $13.59

This might be my favourite of all the women’s travel gifts on this list, simply because I don’t go anywhere without a journal! It’s a great way to keep track of your travels and it’s so fun to look back on day-to-day life while travelling years down the line.


Price: $10.99

A spork is a great gift idea for outdoosy girls who do a lot of hiking trips or camp regularly. They also come in handy if you’re backpacking and eating on public transit.

Electronic Cord Organizer

Price: $17.98

I think we can all agree that having your cords tangled and in a mess is no fun. This organizer will keep everything separated so that it’s easily accessible when you need it!

Travel Laundry Bag

Price: $12

I got a travel laundry bag one year as a stocking stuffer and it’s been one of the best travel gifts I’ve ever received. It packs up super small, is lightweight and can store a hefty amount of laundry!

Compression Socks

Price: $18

Anyone who travels regularly might notice their feet or ankles swelling from long-haul flights. Compression socks are the best way to avoid swelling so you feel like yourself when you hop off the plane!


Price: $19.90 +

Shopping for an environmentally conscious traveller? Send them a tree through Treedom! I used Treedom a few years ago and got my cousin a tree. It updates you with information regarding where the tree was planted, how much Co2 it offsets and other benefits it has.

$20-$100 Travel Gifts

These travel gifts for women are perfect for a slightly larger budget.

Compression Packing Cubes

Price: $34.99

Compression packing cubes take packing light to an entirely new level. This is perfect for any traveller who’s travelling with carry-on only and wants to bring as many clothing options as possible! The compression allows you to fit more than regular packing cubes but bare in mind that it will make your bag deceivingly heavier.

Electric Toothbrush

Price: $39.97

You get a great clean with an electric toothbrush and battery-powered ones are a good option for travel because you don’t have to worry about packing a charger as well.

Bluetooth Tracker

Price: $24.99

A Bluetooth tracker is the best gift for a traveller who’s lost luggage or items while travelling in the past. It allows you to track specific items or all of your luggage, which is great for anyone checking bags and flying frequently.


Price: $20.99

This gift is perfect for a traveller who’s getting into photography or just travels solo often and likes to get nice photos of their trip! The bendable arms make it super easy to latch onto a handrail, tree, pole etc and it’s small enough to pack away as well.

Portable Blender

Price: $21.99

Sometimes you miss the comforts of home while travelling. For me, that’s making a delicious smoothie for breakfast every morning. That’s where a portable blender comes in. You can easily recharge it and it doesn’t need to be plugged in while using it, so you can just chuck it in your luggage and you’re good to go.

Travel Pillow

Price: $49.99

A travel pillow is an absolute necessity. I’ve been using a Trtl pillow for the past few years because it’s much smaller than a regular pillow and can be thrown in the wash after each trip.

Travel Phone Case

Price: $34

There are so many travel phone cases out there but my absolute favourite ones are the boarding pass cases by Casetify. You have the option to customize it with a name so it looks like a real boarding pass. I’ve had one for over a year now and people always ask me how I got a boarding pass into my phone case!

Solar Power Bank

Price: $31

It’s always a good idea to have a power bank with you when travelling. The best part about a solar-powered one is that it’s incredibly easy to recharge while you’re having a beach day, for example.

Apple Lightning to SD Card Reader

Price: $29

This is the perfect traveller’s gift if the person you’re buying for is into photography! I use mine all the time to easily export photos and videos from my DSLR camera to my iPhone. From there I can edit them directly on my phone, which is super useful when travelling!

Menstrual Cup

Price: $23.95

Okay, hear me out. When it comes to women’s travel gifts, this is honestly such a good one! It’s such a pain to travel with heaps of tampons or pads and they’re not the most accessible in certain countries. Using a menstrual cup will save a lot of space when packing and it can be left in for many hours at a time – leaving more time for exploring a new city.

Scratch Off Map

Price: $28.99

A scratch-off map is a lot of fun for anyone who’s just started travelling and can’t get enough! When they get back from a trip, they can scratch off a new country and start to see how much of the world they’ve explored. It’s also motivating to save up and plan new trips.

Travel Insurance

Price: $42/month

Get travel insurance for the traveller that forgets to buy it every time. I’ve been using SafetyWing for months now and it’s great for digital nomads because it’s a recurring payment that’s budget-friendly and can be cancelled at any time.

Travel Tripod

Price: $73.99

With so many options out there, it can be tough to find a good tripod. The best travel tripod is one that can pack up small, extend fairly tall and still remains lightweight. This tripod does it all and will take getting the perfect shot easier than ever!


Price: $28.99

Buying for an adventurous traveller? You can’t go wrong with a hammock! It will come in handy for camping/backpacking trips or simply travelling through countries in high season when hostels might be full. I met SO many people who had hammocks while travelling as an alternate form of accommodation.

Universal Adapter

Price: $22.99

This is a travel essential that every traveller should have! No need to worry about having the right outlet because universal adapters work in every country. This one is perfect because it has many USB ports, allowing you to charge many items at once.


Price: $84.95

It’s tough to find a small speaker that’s good quality but UE has done it. The UE Wonderboom is my speaker of choice because it’s tiny but it has a great volume range, is waterproof and can connect to other UE speakers. I always bring it with me!

Day Pack

Price: $59.08

A day pack is essential for travel! It’s especially helpful for digital nomads who might want to take their laptop to work at a cafe but it’s also great if you’re going on a day hike or exploring the city and want to pack a few things.

Luxury Travel Gifts ($100+)

Want to make a lasting impression? These luxury travel gifts will without a doubt do the trick.


Price: $222+

You can’t call yourself a backpacker without a backpack! I’d recommend choosing one that opens like a suitcase (clamshell) and is no larger than 60L. I use a 45L backpack and might even downsize to carry-on only. I’ve been eyeing the bags from Baboon to the Moon lately because they come in a range of bright colours and sizes to choose from.

Phone Gimbal

Price: $159

This gift is for the traveller who’s ready to take their videography to the next level. A gimbal will make every shot smooth and have a cinematic feel that you can’t achieve otherwise.

Dome Housing

Price: $380

Dome housing will elevate iPhone photography. It creates a split-shot effect when shooting in water which isn’t something you see every day. It’s definitely pricey because you have to buy the dome and housing separately but makes for a really cool gift if you’re buying for someone who spends a lot of time underwater.


Price: $279

A drone will get some epic shots you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. They’re amazing for travel because you’ll have the chance to capture outstanding views from a unique perspective. This drone is great for travel!


Price: $170

Got a book lover on your hands? A kindle is a wonderful gift. I personally love reading but hate taking physical books with me while travelling because they take up too much space. Reading on an iPad or phone is okay but they don’t have the same brightness as a kindle.

Noise Cancelling AirPods

Price: $210

I think most people could put noise-cancelling headphones to use but they’re especially useful for travellers. Trying to sleep on a bus? Plug those bad boys in. They’re amazing for anyone who’s working remotely and wants to avoid distractions while working at cafes or from hostels.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Price: $208

Perfect for anyone travelling through different seasons. This puff jacket is extremely lightweight and packs down well, making it one of the best options for layers in cooler climates. They also have a lifetime warranty so if it rips or tears, it can be fixed for free!

Portable Wifi Hotspot

Price: $169.99

If you’re buying for someone who often travels to places with an unsecured network or doesn’t often have the best access to wifi, a portable wifi hotspot is the solution. You can pay by gb or as you go, which is uper handy for those working abroad.

Time to get shopping

That concludes my guide for women’s travel gifts. You can view my full gift guide, as well as travel essentials on my Amazon storefront here! I’ll see you next week with another blog but you can keep up with my travels on Instagram and TikTok in the meantime.


Amy xx

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