Sustainable Bikini Brands – The Ultimate List

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Finding the perfect sustainable bikini can be a challenge. Up until recently, there weren’t many companies that focused on using recycled materials, offsetting their carbon emissions or sustainability in general. Luckily, things are slowly changing so for those hoping to avoid fast fashion and invest in high-quality sustainable bikini brands, you’re in the right place! Below I’ve listed 17 of my fave companies so you’re can pick up a sustainable bikini for your next trip.

Lulu the Label

This Australian Swimwear label has got exactly what you’re looking for! They’ve got bright colours, as well as neutrals like brown and black to cover all bases. Aside from the design, their fabrics are recycled, the garment bag and shipping materials are compostable. They produce small quantities to avoid waste, so everything is limited edition!

Price range: $120 AUD

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Second Swim

Second Swim is another Australian-owned swimwear company. Their bikinis are made from 100% recycled materials and they donate 10% of their sales to help clean up the oceans! Second Swim has a wide range of styles and colours available to choose from, as well as some cute patterned options.

Price range: $80 – $170 AUD

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You Swim

You Swim might be the first swimwear that’s SEVEN sizes in one! Yeah, you heard me right. While the fabric they use isn’t recycled, it’s sourced in the UK and made to be long-lasting to avoid the landfills and last you for years to come. The packaging is plastic free and their colour selection is amazing. I think the ‘fern’ coloured kini is my fave!

Price range: $185 CAD

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Melody Swim

Melody Swim is a California-based swimwear company but their products are produced in an eco-conscious and ethical facility in Bali. The bikinis are made from Econyl which is made from ocean and landfill waste and the packaging is 100% biodegradable! Melody Swim is perfect for a simple design and bright pop of colour.

Price range: $130 USD

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Burrows & Co

Burrows & Co is another Australian company with amazing bikinis to choose from! They are an eco-friendly brand that uses 100% ethically produced Vita Lycra that comes in biodegradable packaging. Their earthy tones are everything and I love the cut of their different bikinis!

Price range: $100-$160 AUD

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Cali Rae

Cali Rae Swim is yet another one of my favourite Australian sustainable bikini brands! These use high-quality recycled fabrics and packaging to deliver many styles of bikinis, one-pieces, beach cover-ups and accessories.

Price range: $130 – $160 AUD

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Snorkelbear Swimwear

If the bright-coloured, coconut girl is your aesthetic for the summer, you can’t skip out on Snorklebear Swimwear! These bathers are Australian-made, focus on high-quality fabric that’s made to last and made from recycled materials and designs that will be in style for years to come. Currently, 80% of their orders are delivered carbon neutrally.

Price range: $160 – $210 AUD

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97 Swim

97 Swim is located in Australia but produces its bikinis in Bali. They use recycled fabrics and whatever fabric isn’t used is donated to charities in Indonesia to help their economy! All deliveries are carbon neutral and packaging is biodegradable. 97 Swim has a unique style with a few floral bikinis and matching cover-ups.

Price range: $170 AUD

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Awai Swim

Awai Swim is a small Canadian swimwear brand. Everything is made to order eliminating overstocking and waste, fabrics listed with a * are eco-friendly and all packaging is biodegradable! Awai Swim is one of my fave sustainable bikini brands because their Canadian (like me ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ), affordable and have unique designs.

Price range: $100 CAD

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Junk Ldn is based in London but the bikinis are made from recycled materials in an ethical factory in Bali. Their designs are simple and they avoid jumping from trend to trend. This ensures that each piece will last the test of time!

Price range: $100-$150 CAD

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Vitamin A Swim

Vitamin A is an American bikini brand. Their bikinis and packaging are all made in the USA, made from recycled materials. With so many different styles and colours to choose from, you’d have no idea this is a sustainable company!

Price range: $215 – $250 USD

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Arrow and Phoenix Swim

Arrow and Phoenix is an American brand that thinks body positivity is just as important as creating sustainable products! Aside from using recycled materials and following typical sustainable protocols, they also offer 30% off for anyone who ships back their bikinis once they’ve gotten their full use. They also sell skincare in glass bottles and the same discount goes for those shipping back the bottles to be reused.

Price range: $125-160 USD

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all Sisters

all Sisters is one of many European sustainable bikini brands. Located in Barcelona, using recycled fabrics and using environmentally-friendly facilities, all Sisters is always looking for new ways to improve their sustainability. Their designs are minimalistic but modern.

Price range: $125 – $140 CAD

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Stay Wild Swim

Stay Wild Swim is a London-based company that’s passionate about fighting plastic pollution. They produce their recycled bikinis in an ethical factory where a zero waste approach is taken. Stay Wild has a few simple yet eye catching designs and colours available!

Price range: $200-260 CAD

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Dippin Daisys

This California brand creates bright and colourful swimsuits that are made from 95% of recycled materials. They also repurpose their dead stock instead of letting it end up in a landfill. They also print direct to fabric instead of dyeing fabric to save water. Their two-year plan is taking sustainable bikini brands to the next level! Dippin Daisys has colours and patterns you won’t find with most other sustainable companies so it’s worth checking out.

Price range: $80-$100 USD

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Jade Swim

Jade Swim is designed in New York and made in LA. When it comes to sustainability, they’re conscious about their production, use recycled materials and biodegradable packaging! Although the designs are minimalistic, they carry a wide range of colours.

Price range: $240- $285 USD

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Last but not least on our list of sustainable bikini brands is OOKIOH. While they’re not yet fully sustainable, their bikinis are made from 100% recycled materials, which is a great start! They have a few different unique colours and patterns to choose from if you want something a little different.

Price range: $100 USD

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With so many amazing options for sustainable bikinis, I don’t know which one to grab first! If you’ve bought from these companies before, I’d love to hear about your experience. Leave a comment below or DM me on Instagram. You can also keep up with my travel tips over on TikTok and I recently created a FB community for travellers.

I’ll see you next week with another blog!


Amy xx

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