6 Benefits of Travelling While Single

spellbuond travels benefits of travelling while single

I used to think that travelling with a boyfriend would be great. I’d see couples on the beach in the Philippines, frolicking around Australia and the list goes on and on. I used to wish I could have that experience. I’d meet a guy, tell them about my travel plans and hope that they’d come along for the ride. I eventually learned that what always starts off with “I’m going to meet you in Sri Lanka“, or “I’m coming with you to Vietnam“, inevitably ends with me getting ghosted. I won’t lie, it’s been disappointing but it’s taught me about the benefits of travelling while single!

1. Memories won’t be ruined

If you’ve ever been on a trip with an ex, you’ll know how easily memories of a great trip can be tainted. The same can be said for travelling with friends if the friendship ends, which is why solo travel is so great. You don’t run the risk of having to look back on your travels with the glass half full. You’ll remember all of the new people you met, the foods you tried and the experiences you made for yourself! You’ll have time to travel when you’re in a relationship at some point, so why rush it? Enjoy creating memories that will only live on in your mind.

2. You never have to compromise

One of the best benefits of travelling while single is that you don’t have to compromise. Don’t want to walk around churches in a new city in Spain all day? Don’t do it. Want to grab an ice cream cone and sit by the beach? What’s stopping you?! Travelling when you’re single allows you to go at your own pace and do exactly what you want to do. Of course, you may meet people along the way that will influence your plans but ultimately, you have the final say.

3. You’re more open to meeting new people

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While you can certainly meet new people when you’re in a relationship, chances are that you won’t meet nearly as many. You’ll be closed off to the possibility of creating new friendships or engaging with others. Travelling while single opens you up to a whole world of possibilities. You’ll meet people from all around the world and will have the chance to make new friends or explore new romantic relationships (we’ll get to that last bit shortly ๐Ÿ˜).

If you’re not sure how to go about making new friends while travelling, check out some of my smoothest moves here!

4. You have one less person to update

I’ve been in a long term relationship while travelling and I can tell you with certainty that constantly checking in with texts or FaceTime calls is no fun! Not only do you have to deal with working around time changes to coordinate a time to talk but it also takes away from YOUR experience. You’ll be spending more time talking to someone from home, rather than enjoying the experience you’re currently having.

5. You’ll get to know yourself

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Travelling while single has been the biggest eye-opener for me. I’ve learned SO much about myself over the years that wouldn’t have been possible if I were in a relationship. It also teaches you how to get comfortable with spending more time by yourself. It can be scary or challenging at first but once you get into the swing of things, you’ll prove to yourself that you’re capable of just about anything!

6. Travel romances can be fun

You never know who you’re going to meet next time you travel. If you’re in a relationship or hung up on someone you’re talking to from home, you won’t be as open to meeting new people and you could miss out on something really great! Travel romances are usually much more exciting since you’re someplace new and it’s a bit of an escape from reality.

The takeaway

Single travel can be lots of fun! Focus on all of the benefits and you’re bound to have an amazing time.

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