Paragliding in Cape Town

There is no shortage of things to do in Cape Town. I spent 6 months living and working there and still feel like I didn’t have enough time to do everything! Whether you’re planning a short trip or have a few months to spend exploring South Africa, you can’t miss out on paragliding in Cape Town. My experience was so much fun so today I’m diving into the details.

Let’s get into it!

Why Paragliding in Cape Town?

You might be wondering what’s so special about paragliding in Cape Town. Personally, I think it’s one of the coolest places to paraglide because of the unique views you won’t find elsewhere. Cape Town is situation in between the ocean and mountains, so you’re basically guaranteed a picture perfect experience.

What to Expect/Tips

Starting point – Depending on the day, you’ll either start at the top of Signal Hill or a few minutes up Lion’s Head. Lion’s Head is rare but a cooler experience (in my opinion) because you’re taking off from a higher elevation.

Price – You can expect to pay around R1300 (price in May 2022) for the flight with videos and photos. It’s best to pay with cash but if you only have card, there is a small additional fee.

What to wear/bring – Wear close toed shoes, pants and a sweater/jacket. Depending on the time of year, it can be quite cold so dress accordingly and remember it gets super windy! You don’t need to bring anything with you but if you have a backpack, purse, phone, etc., your instructor will put it in the bag that’s attached to the harness so you fly down with your things.

Choosing the Right Company

When I decided I wanted to try paragliding, I had no idea what company to go with. There are many options for paragliding in Cape Town so it can be a tad overwhelming trying to make a decision. After a bit of research, I found out that most charge about the same fee.

With the price not being much of a determining factor, you’re left to choose one randomly if you don’t know anyone who’s been before. I sent a few paragliding companies messages, asking about their rates and best dates to fly. Not many got back to me but Handré from Sky Safari Adventures was the first to respond to my WhatsApp message. He was incredibly helpful, answering my questions promptly and with scheduling a suitable day to fly.

My Paragliding Experience

Simply having the time of my life

I’m not going to lie, I just about gave up on my dream of paragliding while I was in Cape Town. I had initially wanted to go early April for my birthday but the weather wasn’t cooperating! 🙄 I had been in touch with Handré every few days to try and find a time with good wind and weather conditions to fly.

Paragliding is a time sensitive experience because it’s so reliant on the wind and weather. Whenever there was some good wind, I wasn’t able to meet Handré in time to have a good flight. He was extremely patient with me and said he would be in touch to coordinate. This is why it’s so important to book your paragliding session at the start of your trip, as it could take a while to find a good day for it.

By chance, Handré got in touch with me one day before I was scheduled to fly out of Cape Town. I was working from a cafe in Sea Point and catching up with a friend and you better believe I hopped in an Uber right away to meet him at Signal Hill. When I got to the top of Signal Hill, he explained how the experience would work. He packed up my backpack with my laptop and phone into the bag attached to the parachute and got everything set up.

Then once I was in the harness I walked down the edge of Signal Hill and was told to stand still as they brought the parachute up. When it was time for take off I simply took a few steps forward and we were flying. Handré was great the entire time and told me about his years of experience . He even let me take control of the parachute for a bit and do a few turns!

After getting a few photos and videos on his GoPro, we flew down over Sea Point and did a couple of fast turns before landing. The landing was incredibly smooth and entire experience lasted about 15-20 minutes. 10/10 would recommend flying with Handré and Sky Safari Adventures!

Video recap

Want to see what my experience was all about? Check out the video I posted on TikTok below!

Would you give paragliding a shot? It’s definitely not as scary as it seems and a great way to see Cape Town. I’ll be back next week with another blog but in the meantime you can connect with me on Instagram or find daily travel tips and advice on my TikTok!


Amy xx

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