Frequent Flyer or Frequent Crier? A Sad Girl’s Guide to Crying in Airports

Sometimes you need to have a good cry. You need to take all of the emotions you’ve been experiencing and let them go and what better place to do so than an airport? As a frequent crier, I know that crying in airports or on airplanes can quite honestly be the therapy you need. Read on for the full sad girl’s guide to crying and next time you won’t feel so bad about doing so!

When to cry

You’re probably thinking the only time you’d cry at an airport would be saying goodbye to a loved one, right? Wrong. While that’s probably at the top of the list, there are so many other times I’ve personally cried in an airport and on the plane and I’m sure others have too.

Maybe you missed a flight, are suffering from an injury (or hangover), your luggage was lost, you’re moving to a different country, you didn’t have the proper documentation to enter a country, someone broke your heart … the list goes on and on. 

Why cry?

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1. Nobody knows you 

Not that it really matters whether or not if you get emotional in front of people you know but if you get a little embarrassed then you’re most likely safe at the airport. Sure, there’s lots of people around but no one knows you.  

2. Nobody will care

Lots of people cry at the airport and therefore no one will care when you do. Seriously, no one will. Take it from the girl who was balling her eyes out through the Melbourne airport after saying goodbye to a boy and all of her friends she made after living there for a year …

I got pulled aside for a security check and they didn’t bat an eye. Next I filled my water bottle up with tears streaming down my face and not a soul noticed. Then I grabbed some food and guess what happened? The cashier simply tossed me a tissue and proceeded with his day. No questions asked and nothing to worry about! 

3. You have a lot of time 

If you’re a broke backpacker like myself, you’re probably going to be spending a lot of time in different airports with long layovers. Luckily for you, that allows for copious amounts of time to overthink your life and let your thoughts get to you!!

Use this time wisely and get a good cry in before you have to put on a brave face for the journey ahead. It’s the best time to let all of your emotions out and you’ll still have plenty of time to freshen up before you board your next flight!

How to cry discreetly

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If sobbing at your gate while mascara runs down your face isn’t quite your style, have no fear! There are plenty of secluded spots in the airport and on the plane for you to cry in peace. 

  • Bathroom: A classic. A go-to option when it comes to crying discreetly. Strangers may hear your cries but they won’t see your face which means your anonymity will be safe – although this can be a bit trickier on airplane bathrooms. 
  • Window seat: If you happen to have the window seat on your flight, you’re in luck. You’ve got the perfect spot to shed a few tears without your fellow passengers noticing! Just lean/look out the window and do you. 
  • Come prepared: That means tissues, makeup wipes and water on hand at all times!
  • Hoodie: One of the best hacks when it comes to crying in airports or during the flight. It allows you to cover most of your face or all if you choose to wear it backwards! See how this can also be the best sleep hack for long haul flights here.
  • Timing is everything: If you know you’re probably due for a good cry when you book your flight, choose a red-eye. Everyone will be fast asleep and you can get a good cry out.
  • Find a corner: When push comes to shove, any corner will do and there’s not much more to it than that.

Final thoughts

That concludes my ridiculously long post on crying in airports. So let those tears stream and let me know if you’re a frequent crier as well! Head to my Instagram to share your best airport crying stories. Don’t worry I’ve got my fair share of stories to go around 😉

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