The Most Impressive Waterfalls in South Africa: 15 Best Falls in the Country

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South Africa will blow you away. From its pristine white sand beaches to stunning mountains and cascading waterfalls, you can’t go wrong. All parts of the country have something to offer nature-wise and are worth checking out. So let’s take a look at some of the most impressive waterfalls in South Africa! 

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Krom Rivier

Directions: Found in the Baviaanskloof Nature Reserve.

Entry: R50 and must be pre-booked.

Hiking Time: 6.9km, takes a few hours to reach the waterfall.

Krom River is a moderate hike that will take you to two waterfalls with many different places to swim. It has stunning views of the surrounding mountains, valleys and indigenous vegetation. The cool and refreshing waters are perfect for a dip and the serenity and beauty of the waterfall make it a true oasis in the wilderness. 

Leopardskloof Falls

Directions: Near Oudtshoorn, about 400km from Cape Town – Follow the N12 highway towards De Rust. You’ll find a designated parking area. 

Entry: No fee.

Hiking Time: About 2 hours.

This waterfall is surrounded by greenery and towering cliffs, creating a peaceful atmosphere. The crystal-clear waters of the pool are perfect for a refreshing dip and the mist created by the falling water adds to the magical ambience of the place. 

Crystal Pools 

Directions: Crystal Pools – Kogelberg Nature Reserve.

Entry: R75 PP – Contact by email in advance to book a slot (November 1 – April 30th).

Hiking Time: 1-2 hours.

Crystal Pools is stunning and a must if you’re staying in Cape Town! It’s about 1-hour drive from Cape Town on the way to Kogelbay. There are a series of cascading pools that make for a refreshing swim after a moderate hike. The directions are well-marked and a limited number of people are allowed in each day to preserve nature. Keep in mind that on days when the baboons are nearby, the park might be closed. 

Tugela Falls 

Directions: Found in the Royal Natal National Park in the Northern Drakensberg.

Entry: R45 PP to enter the park.

Hiking Time: 6 hours.

Tugela Falls is without a doubt one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world. It’s the world’s second-highest waterfall, standing at 3,110 ft/ 947m and will take at least a few hours to complete depending on your fitness level – however, it’s well worth it! 

Mac Mac Falls 

Directions: You can find it along the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga.

Entry: No fee.

Hiking Time: 2km off-limit trail – you can get the best view from the viewpoint!

These falls are incredibly picturesque and accessible by a short walk from the parking area, making it a great one to visit if you aren’t in the mood for a long hike. There is a stunning natural pool at the base that’s great to swim in during the warm summer months. 

Berlin Falls 

Directions: Also found along the Panorama Route.

Entry: R10 for parking.

Interested in unique rock formations and lush green surroundings? Berlin Falls might be one of your faves! Follow easy directions to get to the falls or view them from a platform. 

Bridal Veil Falls 

Directions: Found in the Sabie region of Mpumalanga.

Entry: R10 for parking.

Hiking Time: 1-2 hours.

Hiking Time: Short walk from the parking area to the viewing platform.

If you want a short hike with a beautiful reward at the end, Bridal Veil Falls is exactly that! Stroll through a serene and peaceful setting until you reach the waterfall. 

Howick Falls

Directions: Found in KwaZulu-Natal.

Entry: R10 for parking.

Hiking Time: Short walk from the parking area to the viewing platform.

These falls are a popular tourist spot for a reason! It’s known for its scenic beauty and cultural significance. Enjoy the falls from various viewpoints and learn about the local folklore surrounding the falls. 

Lisbon Falls 

Directions: Found along the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga.

Entry: No fee.

Hiking Time: Short walk from the parking area to the viewing platform or complete a 30-minute descent to the bottom for a different view.

This majestic waterfall will leave you in awe with a height of 92m, it’s one of the highest waterfalls in South Africa! The falls are easily accessible by car and with a short hike time, it’s a great quick stopover if you’re on a road trip. 

Lone Creek Falls 

Directions: About 10km from Sabie, along the R532 road towards Graskop in Mpumalanga province. 

Entry: R30 PP.

Hiking Time: Short hike along a well-maintained trail. 

This waterfall is hidden in a lush forest and is super serene and peaceful. The waterfall cascades down in multiple tiers, creating a mesmerizing sight. 

Elands River Falls

Directions: Located near Waterval Boven in Mpumalanga province.

Entry: No fee.

Hiking Time: Short hike to the waterfall.

This waterfall is seriously impressive with a drop of 70 m, creating a dramatic sight as the water rushes down the cliff face. It has easy access and beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. 

Horseshoe Falls

Directions: Found in the Limpopo province. 

Entry: No fee.

Hiking Time: 4km in length.

This hidden gem is worth the effort that goes into finding it! The falls are tucked away in a remote location and can only be reached by a challenging hike through dense vegetation. However, the adventure is rewarded with breathtaking views of the waterfall cascading down in a horseshoe shape, surrounded by lush greenery. 

Jonkershoek Nature Reserve 

Directions: Head towards Stellenbosch.

Entry: R50 PP.

Hiking Time: About 3 hours.

There are a few different hikes you can do in Jonkershoek Nature Reserve that lead to waterfalls. Depending on the time of year, they may be dried up so be weary of that before you make the trek. You can find more details about the hike here.

Kogel Bay 

Directions: Found in the Western Cape province. Enter through Kogel Bay Resort and hike along the scenic coastal trail to get to the waterfall.

Entry: No fee.

Hiking Time: About 2 hours.

Kogel Bay is one of the most beautiful areas of the Western Cape and not far from Cape Town! The hike is an adventure as you navigate through rocky terrain and cliffside paths with stunning views of the ocean and rugged coastline. The waterfall is secluded and nestled in a rocky cove. It plunges down from the cliffs above into a natural pool. It’s truly a beautiful waterfall. 

Magwa Falls

Directions: In the Eastern Cape province – enter through the Magwa tea Plantation and hike through the tea fields to get to the waterfall.

Entry: No fee.

Hiking Time: About 1 hour. 

You need to check out South Africa’s second-highest waterfall!

One of the coolest features of Magwa Falls is that it’s within layered rock formations that create a series of small cascades. It’s a sight to behold. The cool, clear waters of Magwa Waterfall are perfect for a refreshing swim and the surrounding beauty of the tea plantations adds to its charm. 

The Best Waterfalls in South Africa Are Calling!

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