What to Wear in Morocco as a Woman: The Ultimate Packing List

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Morocco is one of the most interesting countries I’ve visited so far! It made it to my top 5 countries (out of 38 I’ve been to at the time of writing this post) and it’s a place I’d tell anyone to visit. The trickiest part of planning a trip there is wondering what to wear in Morocco, especially as a woman. I’ve broken it all down for you so that you’re prepared and ready to explore Morocco!

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Consider the Culture Differences

You may already know that Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, which means that they dress more conservatively than most Western countries. While tourists are not expected to cover their hair or wear traditional clothing, you should keep their cultural values in mind. Before going to Morocco, I was utterly confused as to what to pack and what type of clothing would be acceptable. After spending a few days in Egypt, I had anticipated it to be a similar situation …However, I was fairly surprised by how differently women dressed in Morocco.

Yes, many are still very much covered from head to toe but there weren’t as many locals with headscarfs. I only spent time in the south so I’m not entirely sure if that had something to do with it. Regardless, it seems as if Morocco is more lenient with how they dress in comparison to Egypt.

As a rule of thumb, I would still recommend covering your shoulders and wearing shorts/skirts that aren’t too short. This is mostly to avoid uncomfortable stares but I personally didn’t experience any of that when I was there.

When Are You Visiting?

The time of year you choose to visit Morocco will have a big influence on the clothing you bring. I visited in winter (early December), where temperatures in Marrakesh and other parts in the south were around 20-23 degrees Celsius during the day. This was actually a great time to visit because it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too touristy!

With that being said, the north of the country is much cooler so that’s something to keep in mind if you plan on travelling to Morocco during low season. In the summer months, you can expect temperatures in the 40 degree range so it’s probably best to visit during the shoulder seasons (April-June & October – December) for the best weather.

If you’re visiting in the cooler months, you won’t have to consider dressing conservatively because it will be too cold for tank tops most of the time. Instead, you should think about travelling with layers because you’ll never know when you might need a sweater and the evenings really cool down!

In the summer, you’ll want to stick to flowy and lightweight materials.

What to Wear in Morocco

Although most of your typical clothes from home will work for a trip to Morocco, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Neutrals – Morocco might be the most vibrant and colourful place I’ve visited. If you want to get some great shots on your trip, I’d recommend bringing solid or neutral coloured clothes. If you’re wearing clothes that are super bright, they might not look the best in photos.
  • Avoid crazy prints – Once again, because there is already so much colour throughout Morocco, crazy prints might be a bit much.
  • Flowy & lightweight – This could be dresses, skirts or linen shirts! Those were staples for me on my trip!

Can You Wear a Bikini in Morocco?

Besides swimming at a traditional Riad in Marrakesh, you might be considering visiting a beach town. If that’s the case, you NEED to check out a small beach town called Imsouane! It was our favourite part of our trip because you basically have the entire beach to yourself. There are many surfers but barely anyone on the beach and the views are insane.

So if you find yourself by the beach in Morocco, you can definitely wear a bikini! I was a little timid at first and always walked around with a shirt/dress and shorts over my bikini while walking around Imsouane, however, because it’s a small surfer town, no one cared. It honestly didn’t even feel like it was part of Morocco. Hippie surfers in camper vans were running around the town in just a bikini and it didn’t seem like a problem.

Of course, you should still be respectful of the culture but if you’re in a small beach town, it’s nothing to worry about!

All About the Dresses

Dresses were my biggest staple when travelling through Morocco!

They look great in photos and they’re super comfy when you’re out all day. The one featured in the left image is from Arnhem Clothing and the dress in the right image is from Fortunate One Store. The other dress I brought with me was from a market in Cape Town and was just a simple white flowy dress.

Remember that you don’t need to buy a bunch of new clothes before a trip! I buy a lot of my clothes second hand from thrift stores, on Depop or from those reselling on social media. It will save you a LOT of money if you’re travelling on a budget and it’s a sustainable option.

Packing List for Backpackers (carry-on)

Are you travelling with a backpack and are still not sure what to wear in Morocco? Believe it or not, my boyfriend Sam and I travelled with one small suitcase as a carry-on COMBINED. So if we could manage sharing a carry-on, you’ll have more than enough space!

Here’s what I’d suggest bringing with you:

  • Flowy dresses (3) – I had two coloured dresses (see above) and 1 white dress. They were so comfy and were perfect for visiting cultural sites as 2 of them had sleeves and I felt were long enough.
  • Loose skirts (1-2) – I don’t actually have any skirts with me but I’ve been meaning to get one because they’re a great alternative to pants or dresses. They’d also look amazing in photos!
  • Loose pants (2) – I don’t travel without my loose pants because they’re great for travel days and hot weather when you need an option that’s a little more conservative.
  • T-shirts (4-5) – Stick to neutrals and colours that pair well with your pants/skirts/shorts.
  • Tank tops (3) – See above ^.
  • Athletic shorts/jean shorts (1) – Great if you’re visiting in the summer months. I probably wouldn’t wear shorts in Marrakesh and big cities but by the beach is fine!
  • Sandals (1) – Take one pair of black or white sandals, depending on what goes best with the clothes you’re brining.
  • Shoes (1) – I’m not going to lie … I brought my running shoes and never wore them! However, they’re good to have if you’re travelling through the north or plan on doing some hikes!
  • Bikinis (2-3) – I love having a few bikini options and they barely take up any space so bring your faves for swimming at Riads or for beaches.
  • Cardigan/sweater (1) – Morocco cools down a lot in the evening. You’ll want at least one sweater or cardigan if you get cold easily.
  • Windbreaker (1) – Some places can be quite windy (seaside towns) so if you have room, pack a thin windbreaker!
  • Bucket hat (1) – Morocco usually has great, sunny weather so have one hat with you. I used mine more than I expected.
  • Scarf (optional) – It’s nice to have a scarf on hand to use as an accessory or in case you want to cover you hair. With that being said, I never felt as if I had to cover my hair.

Ready to See Morocco?

As you can see, with a few good staples, it’s easy to know what to wear in Morocco!

Before you head out on your trip, don’t forget about insurance. I’ve been using SafetyWing for over a year and don’t go anywhere without them. Their plans are super affordable and will ensure you’re covered in case anything happens during your trip.

I’ll be back with another blog later this week but in the meantime, follow my adventures through Colombia and Central America (soon!) on Instagram and TikTok!


Amy xx

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