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As a digital nomad, one of the most important things to consider before embarking on a trip is securing travel and health insurance. It’s easy to overlook the importance of insurance but the reality is that unexpected accidents or illnesses can occur while you’re on the road! Fortunately, I’ve been using digital nomad health insurance through SafetyWing which caters specifically to digital nomads and offers a comprehensive insurance plan that works with every budget. 

What is SafetyWing? 

SafetyWing is a leading provider of digital nomad health insurance. Of course, you don’t need to be a digital nomad to use them, however, it was created by digital nomads and remote workers so if you fall into that category, they have you in mind! 

Their plan was designed to provide peace of mind and ensure that you’re covered no matter where you are in the world. 

Budget Travel Medical Insurance 

When I had to change digital nomad health insurance providers in February 2022, I was looking for the most affordable option. That’s when I stumbled upon SafetyWing! I was in Zanzibar, Tanzania and in need of travel medical insurance. Their Nomad Insurance starts at $45.08 USD for four weeks of coverage.

This plan includes: 

  • Emergency Medical Expenses – Up to $250,000
  • Emergency Dental – Up to $1000
  • Hospital & Ambulance – Room and nursing services
  • Physical therapy & Chiropractic – Up to $50/day ordered by a physician 
  • Travel Delay or Interruption – Up to $100/day or after a 12-hour delay period requiring an unplanned overnight stay (2 days max but no deductible)
  • Lost Checked Luggage – Up to $3000 per certificate period; $500 per item ($ 6000-lifetime limit) & no deductible 
  • Natural Disaster – New place to stay (up to $100/day for 5 days) & no deductible 
  • Political Evacuation – Up to $ 10,000-lifetime max (no deductible) 
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation – Up to $ 100,000-lifetime maximum (no deductible or overall maximum limit) 

The Downsides 

This wouldn’t be an honest review if I didn’t shed light on some of the downsides of SafetyWing. The only thing I haven’t loved about SafetyWing is that their plans have a high deductible. This means that if you need to go to the hospital for something, you’ll have to pay $250 USD for the visit. 

In my eyes, this isn’t a huge deal, as you’re saving a LOT on monthly insurance so if you end up needing to see a doctor or have a visit to a hospital, it’s not a huge loss. Another thing to keep in mind is that their coverage is limited for adventure sports, trip cancellations and lost or stolen baggage.

Their Biggest Benefits 

SafetyWing has quickly become my favourite digital nomad health insurance company because of the many benefits their plans offer: 

  • PRICE – North American travellers won’t find a better monthly rate! I’m telling you, I looked far and wide and this is as good as it gets.
  • WORLDWIDE COVERAGE – SafetyWing covers just about every country you could imagine travelling to. You also don’t have to update or notify SafetyWing when you switch from one country to another, which most other providers make you do.
  • BUY ABROAD – If you’re looking for a new insurance provider while you’re abroad, you’ll have no problem purchasing SafetyWing’s plans. Many insurance companies won’t start a policy while you’re abroad so this is a huge benefit. 
  • COVERAGE AT HOME – If you’re working remotely but want to come home to visit friends and family (after 90 days abroad), SafetyWing will cover you for up to 30 days (15 days if you’re from the US). 
  • FLEXIBLE COVERAGE – Only going on a two-week trip? SafetyWing will cover you for the exact dates of your trip so that you don’t need to pay for additional coverage that you won’t be using. 
  • AUTO PAYMENTS – Unless you choose to cancel your plan, it will automatically renew every 4 weeks. 
  • 24-HOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE – You never have to worry about an issue arising while you’re travelling, as SafetyWing is available 24/7 if you need them! 
  • YOUNG CHILDREN INCLUDED – Travelling with your child? Two children under the age of 10 per family are added free of charge to your plan!
  • FIND A HOSPITAL – If you’re in need of medical attention abroad and don’t know where to go, you can use SafetyWing’s ‘find a hospital’ feature to get recommendations for the best place to visit. 

Buy Digital Nomad Health Insurance  

Overall, SafetyWing is an excellent choice for budget travellers, solo travellers or digital nomads seeking affordable travel medical insurance. I’ve personally been using SafetyWing for over a year now, as I travel full-time and have yet to find a better option! 

So what are you waiting for? If you have a trip coming up, I’d check out SafetyWing’s different plans. You’ll be able to relax and properly enjoy your trip knowing that you’ve covered all your bases. 

I’ll be back in the next few days with another blog but in the meantime, follow my adventures through Colombia and Central America on Instagram and TikTok. I share travel tips and tricks each day, as well as vlogs of the new places I’ve travelling and working from! 


Amy xx

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