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Planning a European holiday is no joke. If you’re seeking a cheap European country to visit, you might be feeling a little frustrated. Europe isn’t exactly a cheap place to travel but if you’re willing to go to lesser-known countries you can save a lot! You’ll probably be surprised by what these countries have to offer, especially since they’re not all over social media (yet). As a little bonus, I’ve also included cheap European countries to live in at the end!

Cheap European Cities to Fly Into

When planning a European trip, you should also consider the cost of the flights to get there. If you’re already in Europe, budget airlines like Wizz Air, Ryanair and EasyJet are your best bet. For those not already based in Europe, flights can be pricey (especially during high season). So I’ve broken it down by a few continents to show you that it’s possible to fly to Europe for a budget vacation.

From North America (USA & Canada)

Generally, larger countries in Europe are often flight hubs to and from North America. This means you’ll find cheaper flights to more expensive countries. How can you get around this problem? Look for cheap internal flights within Europe from that hub to get to a cheap European country to visit. Choose one of the hubs below and then do your research to find out which hub has cheap flights/buses/trains to other parts of Europe!

PRO TIP: Use Rome2Rio when looking for the cheapest way to travel within Europe.

*For the example below, I’m showing roundtrip flight prices for a two-week trip within the next 6 months from Toronto (YYZ) in CAD* Flight prices constantly fluctuate but these should stand as the cheapest cities to fly into from North America.

(If you’re reading this mom, you should probably book a return flight from one of these hubs for your trip with dad next summer 👀).

  •  Lisbon – $452
  • Paris – $487
  • Dublin – $496
  • Amsterdam – $512
  • Berlin – $512
  • London – $525
  • Frankfurt – $533
  • Edinburgh – $569
  • Milan – $594
  • Barcelona – $626
  • Madrid – $626
  • Zurich – $627
  • Reykjavik – $666

From Asia

Although it’s probably more common for people in Europe to fly to Asia for a vacation than the reverse, here are cheap European cities to fly into from Asia.

*In this example, I’m using Singapore as the starting destination and looking for a two week roundtrip in the next 6 months in CAD*

  • Athens – $634
  • Berlin – $811
  • Amsterdam – $946
  • Frankfurt – $950
  • Milan – $972
  • London – $996
  • Barcelona – $996

From Oceania (Australia & NZ)

Roy’s Peak – Wanaka, NZ

Get ready for a big jump! Flights from Oceania to Europe are known to be pricy but here is the best I could find.

*In this example, I’m using Sydney, Australia as the starting destination and looking for a two week roundtrip in the next 6 months in CAD*

  • Athens – $730
  • Berlin – $964
  • Milan – $1140
  • Frankfurt – $1160
  • Paris – $1170
  • London – $1200
  • Madrid – $1275
  • Rome – $1350

8 Cheap European Countries to Visit

It should come as no surprise that most of these countries are in Eastern Europe/ the Balkans. This part of Europe is just SO much more affordable than the rest of the continent for budget backpackers. The best part? They’re just as beautiful if not MORE beautiful than Western and Central Europe!

1. Romania

Average Daily Cost: $25-30 USD 

Fly into Bucharest when you’re ready to party. Romanian techno is taking over and it’s also home to one of the highest-rated hostels in Hostelworld, T5 Social Hostel.  You should definitely visit Transylvania when you’re in Romania. Brasov and Cluj-Napoca are said to be the most amazing parts. Since it’s so close to Hungary, it’s not uncommon to find people speaking Hungarian or see street signs in Hungarian. Both towns are beautiful and small and will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture. You’ll definitely feel as if you’ve stepped back in time! 

Average hostel dorm room = $10-20 USD

2. Georgia

Average Daily Cost: $25 USD 

Georgia is an interesting country because it’s technically part of two continents. It’s the most Eastern part of Europe and also intersects with Asia, making it part of Eurasia. Accommodation is affordable and you can do a lot of sightseeing in the capital Tbilisi for free! Georgia often takes travellers by surprise with ancient monasteries, incredible architecture and good and cheap food, as well as their mountains. It certainly makes for a great cheap European country to visit.

Average hostel dorm room = $10-20 USD

3. Albania

Average Daily Cost: $25 USD 

Looking for a cheaper Greece? Look no further than Albania – especially the south. My boyfriend spent a few weeks in Albania in July and still raves about it to this day! He swears by spending a good amount of time in Himarë, a small beach town with a lot of character. If you find yourself there, stay at Sunbakers Hostel. The capital, Tirana is also worth checking out and has a beautiful main square with overflowing fountains and lots of history. 

Average hostel dorm room = $10 USD

4. Bulgaria

Average Daily Cost: $25-30 USD 

The mountains are calling! Bulgaria is an amazing cheap European country to visit mostly because it’s extremely affordable with such incredible views. Most of the activities you’ll want to do such as wild camping or hiking are free and you won’t be disappointed. Sofia is the capital but you shouldn’t miss out on Bankso and Plovdiv either. End your trip along Bulgaria’s best beaches around Burgas! 

Average hostel dorm room = $10-20 USD

5. North Macedonia

Average Daily Cost: $20-30 USD 

If you love nature, North Macedonia won’t disappoint! It’s nestled between Albania and Bulgaria so if you’re planning a trip around the Balkans, you should definitely add it to your list. Skopje is the capital and there’s plenty to do there BUT I’d personally be more interested in visiting Lake Ohrid for some hiking and shoreside towns such as Berovo and Struga, to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Most activities you’ll want to do in North Macedonia are free or relatively cheap so it’s a great budget destination. 

Average hostel dorm room = $10 USD

6. Hungary

Average Daily Cost: $25 USD 

Hungary is the one country on this list that I’ve personally visited (at the time of writing this post). I spent a few weeks in Budapest and absolutely loved it! Other than accommodation and food, you won’t spend much. You can do a lot of free sightseeing, which is a huge plus if you’re hoping to save a few bucks. Some of my favourite free/cheap activities are climbing Gellert Hill, biking around Margit island, getting fresh paprika from the Central Market, eating chimney cakes, exploring the ruin bars and spending a day at the thermal baths! 

Average hostel dorm room = $15-20 USD

7. Latvia

Average Daily Cost: $30 USD 

Have you ever considered a trip to Northern Europe? Most people who visit Latvia are blown away by what this country has to offer. There is a lot of sightseeing you can do in the capital Riga, such as visiting the largest market in Europe (Central Market), touring Karosta prison or spending a day at the local beaches. Jurmala beach is only a 40 minute train ride from Riga. If you want to skip past the resorts, you can travel a little further on the train at Bulduri, Dubulti, Lielupe or Dzintari for a quieter spot.   

Average hostel dorm room = $20-25 USD

8. Lithuania

Average Daily Cost: $25 USD 

Lithuania might be my fave cheap European country to visit. It sits right below Latvia and has so much to offer! The best part is that you’ll spend much less on accommodation in Lithuania. It’s less touristy than its neighbour which is great if you’re looking for an escape from the crowds during the summer months. If you start out in the capital Vilnius, you can do a day trip to Trakai Historical National Park where you can see a castle built in the middle of a lake and do some hiking. Lithuania is also home to the tallest migrating sand dunes in all of Europe (the Dead Dunes), along the coast. I’d suggest spending some time in Palanga to experience Lithuania’s beaches and take a 2 hr bus to the sand dunes while you’re there!

Average hostel dorm room = $12-15 USD

9. Bosnia

Average Daily Cost: $25 USD 

I’ve only recently known of a few people who have travelled to Bosnia and they absolutely loved it there! While the capital Sarajevo is interesting to explore, Bosnia is known for its 16th-century bridge in Mostar that people jump off into the water. If you spend some time in Mostar, you need to visit Kravica waterfalls which will take about 30 minutes by train and another 20 by taxi to reach. If you’re interested in hiking, head north to the Pliva lakes where you’ll find more waterfalls and stunning trails. 

Average hostel dorm room = $12-20 USD

Cheap European Countries to Live In

Are you thinking about settling down somewhere in Europe? Or perhaps you’re a digital nomad looking for a cheap spot to call home and have as a base? Don’t underestimate these countries:


Monthly cost of living: $800 USD/month

Bulgaria is one of the best European countries to settle in when you’re on a budget. It’s home to beautiful mountains and beaches and everything is extremely affordable with rent for a furnished apartment (900 sqft) costing about $450.


Monthly cost of living: $800-900 USD/month

Romania is another cheap European country to live in. Monthly rent is likely to be just slightly more than what you’d pay in Bulgaria and there’s still so much to do throughout the country.


Monthly cost of living: $1000 USD/month

Accommodation in Poland is the main factor driving the price up In this otherwise, very affordable country. Of course, if you look for a place outside of Warsaw, prices will drop. Food and activities are fairly cheap in Poland, leading to a higher quality of life.


Monthly cost of living: $1000 USD/month

Riga, Lativa is a great option if you want to live in a busy city that’s still within arms reach of a good beach. Rent for one person is only about $500/month, leaving you with some extra cash to play around with.


Monthly cost of living: $800 USD/month

After spending a few weeks in Kotor, Montenegro this July, I’d highly recommend Montenegro as a European base! If you want the benefits of living near the sea and mountains at a low cost, Montenegro won’t let you down. You can find nice accommodation for around $500/month (outside of high season) and most of the activities in Montenegro are free or cheap!

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance!

Before you embark on this incredible adventure of travelling through Europe or finding a new place to call home, don’t forget travel insurance! I’ve personally been using SafetyWing for travel and medical insurance as I move from place to place. It was created by digital nomads who understand what’s most important for travel insurance and it only costs $42/month! Check out their travel insurance plans to see what’s covered for your next trip here

I’ll be back next week with another blog but in the meantime, you can follow my travels over on my Instagram or TikTok (or both😏)!


Amy xx

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