How to Travel Alone: Jump Into Solo Travel

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Have you ever considered going on a trip by yourself? Maybe you’ve just gotten out of a relationship or perhaps you’re just looking to change up your routine and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Whatever your reasoning may be, solo travel is a great experience and you shouldn’t be afraid (which is easier said than done). So I’ve created this guide about how to travel alone to ease your fears and hopefully convince you that solo travel is worth the risk!

Start Local

Start out by going on trips by yourself at home to test the waters. This could be a hike near your city, a beach day, exploring a new neighbourhood or coffee shop for example. Starting out this way will slowly but surely give you confidence to go on bigger trips. Once you’re comfortable you could try travelling in another state or province within your country.

Book a Hostel

Hostels make solo travel 100000% easier. I think one of the biggest fears when travelling alone is not meeting people. If you stay in hostels, I can guarantee you’re going to make friends that you can go on adventures with!

Still need a little help? Check out these tips for making friends while travelling or living abroad.

Pack Light

You don’t want to be the girl lugging around 3 huge bags. Trust me โ€“ I’ve been there and it’s so much easier to just take less with you! I’ve had to carry huge bags across a beach in Cambodia, lug them up steep cobblestone streets in Spain and its never worth it.

If you can, just pack a carry on backpack. Carry on allows 45 litre bags in North America (and on most major airlines) and 35 litre bags for many international flights. I currently use a 45 litre backpack from Tortuga Backpacks. I love how it opens like a suitcase and it has many different pockets and pouches that make packing easier.

Join Day Tours

It can be intimidating to rock up to a new city and have no idea what to do. Luckily, you can usually find group tours to join. Free walking tours are super popular all around Europe and your hostel might have some free or cheap tours set up as well! I’ve met many new friends through day tours so I’d highly recommend checking them out.

Give Yourself Extra Time

You don’t want to rush yourself when you travel alone. Chances are, you’ll get lost on your way to a new place so be prepared and always allow for an extra 20 minutes before buses, trains, flights etc.

The same argument could be used for the length of your trip. You can always go home early but it’s not quite as easy to stay longer. That’s why I’d recommend booking one way flights if you have the flexibility. You’ll probably meet other travellers who will be going in different directions and you won’t be able to go with the flow and travel with them if you’re on a flight back home.

Join Facebook Communities

spellbound travels travel facebook community

While you might not use Facebook like you used to in 2008, there are still SO many amazing travel communities on the platform. I personally love Borderless Travels and Girls Love Travel when looking for advice and Host a Sister when looking to meet up with girls in the country you’re visiting.

Get a SIM Card

When I was first learning how to travel alone, I didn’t think a SIM card would be necessary. While you don’t necessarily NEED one, I almost always get one for a trip that’s going go to be 2 weeks or longer. I think it’s great to disconnect and only be able to use your phone when you have wifi but when you’re alone, safety can be a concern. If you have a SIM card, you can get an Uber or Grab to your accommodation, use maps to get around the city and connect with other travellers you meet. I typically get mine right at the airport!

Get Advice

Before travelling to a new place on your own, do your own research. I’ll look online but I find the best advice always comes from a friend or someone I know who’s been to the place I’m travelling to. If you don’t know anyone, use Facebook groups (mentioned above) or talk to friends of friends to get more information. You’re bound to find someone who’s been to that country and they’d probably be happy to share all the details with you.

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I’ll see you shortly with another blog!

Amy xx

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