12 Sustainable Travel Products You Actually Need

spellbound travels sustainable travel products you actually need

Travel can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life but it also takes a toll on the environment. If you’re looking to start travelling more sustainably and impacting this beautiful earth in a positive way, little changes go a long way! Today we’re taking a look at 12 sustainable travel products you actually need.

While I’ve curated this list to be travel-focused, all of these sustainable swaps are great for everyday life and are things you can start doing today!

Sustainable Toiletry Products

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars:

spellbound travels lush shampoo bars

This is such an easy swap to begin with and practically a no-brainer. When washing your luscious locks with one of these bars you’ll avoid using harmful chemicals, save money and have a much easier time packing your toiletries next time you travel! 

Selling point – It takes up WAY less space when packing & each bar lasts 3-4 months! 

Where to get it – Lush ($12/bar)

Safety Razor:

spellbound travels albatros safety razor

Stop for a second and think about how many plastic razors you’ve thrown away. That’s a whole lot of plastic that’s ending up in the ocean and destroying our environment! These safety razors are amazing because they get such a good shave and you can keep them for years on end.

Selling point – Better shave than regular razors!

Where to get it –  Package free shop ($25)

Bamboo Toothbrush:

spellbound travels bamboo toothbrush sustainable

Just like the razors, plastic toothbrushes are unnecessary when you can use recycled or biodegradable materials! Bamboo toothbrushes are the way to go if you’re looking for an easy swap to make ASAP.

Selling point – Less plastic in the oceans next time you’re swimming in along a beach in Sri Lanka

Where to get it – Package free shop ($17/4 toothbrushes) – You can find it cheaper elsewhere but I personally got mine from this store since I was already getting other items from them!

Natural Deodorants: 

spellbound travels meow meow natural deodorant

Regular deodorant is filled with harmful chemicals and materials your body isn’t supposed to absorb. They’ve also been linked to many different health problems, so why not try out a natural product? I’m not going to lie, it takes some time to find the right deodorant that will work for you but once you do, you’ll wish you had made the switch sooner. Look for ones that come in glass containers so they can be recycled or reused when you’re done with them!

Selling point – No harmful chemicals seeping into your skin each day! 

Where to get it – Package free shop ($14) or your local health food store/Amazon for a crystal salt deodorant.

Body Lotion Bar:

spellbound travels lush body lotion bar

This sustainable travel item is a must. Body lotion takes up far too much room when you’re backpacking (especially if it’s for a long period of time). These lotion bars are the perfect swap because they’re super easy to transport and they’re plastic free!

Selling point – Great for packing purposes!

Where to get it – Lush ($9-16)

Reusable Cotton Pads: 

spellbound travels reusable cotton pads lowwasteliving

Take off your makeup with reusable makeup pads instead of cotton pads you’ll just end up throwing away immediately. You only need a few and you can continue to wash and reuse them when they get dirty!

Selling point – Takes up less space in your suitcase/backpack and you never have to buy cotton pads again.

Where to get it – Low waste living – Etsy ($15/7)

Diva Cup/Menstrual Cup: 

spellbound travels diva cup

Ladies … if you haven’t made the switch from tampons or pads to a menstrual cup yet, what are you doing?! While it may seem intimidating at first, these cups are FANTASTIC for travel! You never have to worry about leaving a tampon in too long or finding a bathroom in a pinch because you can leave the cup all day long. If you’re going to pick one of these sustainable travel products to switch to, make it this one!

Selling point – You don’t need to worry about changing a tampon in the middle of a hike! Also read above.

Where to get it – Shoppers Drug Mart, other online retailers ($40)

Sustainable Food/Drink Related Products

Reusable Produce Bags: 

spellbound travels reusable produce bags

You never know when you’re going to stumble upon a market and want to pick up some fresh fruits or veggies. If you have reusable grocery bags on hand, you can avoid using plastic ones. You can buy them online or make your own from old t-shirts or other material that you have lying around.

Selling point – No more plastic grocery bags = a happier earth.

Where to get it – Low waste living – Etsy ($20/3)

Stasher Bags: 

spellbound travels reusable ziplock bag

These bags are a game changer when it comes to sustainable travel products! I seriously can’t believe I didn’t know about these until recently. You can store just about any snack or sandwich for when you’re on the go, heat them up in the microwave, put them in boiling water, freeze them and more!

Selling point – They’re awesome for storing leftovers and/or snacks for the beach or hikes.

Where to get it – Package free shop ($10-40 depending on bundles)

Frank Green/Keep Cup: 

spellbound travels frank green reusable coffee cup

If you’re dependant on your morning coffee like most of us are, this product is for you. Bring your reusable mug with you anywhere you go and that way you won’t need to toss out the disposable ones from cafes!

Selling point – They do an excellent job at keeping your coffee hot for longer.

Where to get it – Frank Green or Keep Cup ($30-40)


spellbound travels grayl filter water bottle

This water bottle is a MUST have next time you travel! Forget about buying plastic bottles in Asia and say hello to GRAYL. These water bottles come in a few different sizes and will filter just about anything from your water. I used them throughout my time in Vietnam, Cambodia and during a hike in Hawaii and it was simply amazing.

Selling point – Fresh and clean water from developing countries, streams, rivers, etc in about 15 seconds!

Where to get it – GRAYL ($70-90 depending on size & type)

Reusable Utensils/Chopsticks:

Reusable utensils will come in handy just about anywhere you travel! Bring your own chopsticks when travelling through Asia so you can avoid throwing out heaps of disposable ones along the way.

Selling point – Great for eating on transit/when you’re on the move! Where to get it – Just use your own utensils from home! Or buy chopsticks when you’re already travelling.

Final Thoughts

So those are the 12 sustainable travel products I use whenever I’m backpacking! Don’t feel the need to rush out and buy new products if you have something that already works for you. Work with what you already have and that will help eliminate more waste by avoiding buying new items.

If you’re after more sustainable travel content, head to my other blogs on sustainability and let me know what other content you’d be interested in seeing!


Amy xx

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