Unique Hostels You NEED To Stay At ($20/night)

spellbound travels unique hostels you need to stay at

Is anyone else excited to get back to backpacking and moving from one hostel to another? Since COVID-19 has wreaked havoc and nearly torn the travel industry to shreds, many hostels have had to close either temporarily or permanently. In this blog, I’ve listed mainly hostels that remain open but there are a few worth keeping on the list that aren’t open at the moment. Let’s get into the most unique hostels around the globe!

New Hub Lisbon ($17/night)πŸ“Lisbon, Portugal

spellbound travels hub new lisbon hostel ball pit
IG: @robertasouthier

New Hub Lisbon has hands down been one of the most unique hostels I’ve ever stayed at! The hostel was many floors and had colourful designs along the walls but the main selling point is the ball pit. There’s just something about jumping face first into a ball pit that hits different! πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ The one downside to this hostel is that if you have a heavy backpack or a lot of luggage and end up getting a room a few floors up, it can be a hassle to move everything.

Arcadia Backpackers & Water Park (~$15/night) πŸ“Kampot, Cambodia

spellbound travels arcadia waterpark hostel kampot cambodia
IG: @arcadia_waterpark

If you’re looking for a fun hostel, this is it! I mean, you can’t really beat a water park. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be open at the moment but have posted on their social media about reopening when COVID-19 restrictions lift and borders open again. Keep an eye out because I met many backpackers who had an amazing time at this hostel and it looks like such a great time.

Kadir’s Tree House (Closed) πŸ“Olympos, Turkey

spellbound travels kadirstreehouses hostel turkey
IG: @kadirstreehouses

It appears as if Kadir’s Tree House is currently closed and so I was unable to find exact pricing but my guess would be it’s about $20/night depending on what treehouse you choose! I’m not sure why sleeping overnight in a treehouse seems like so much fun but there’s just something so intriguing about spending the night in a unique structure. This hostel is also known to be a great spot to party, so it’s worth checking out when they (hopefully) reopen in the future.

Reef on the Beach ($15/night) πŸ“ Koh Rong, Cambodia

This hostel is unlike any I’ve ever stayed at in the past, mostly because it’s not really a hostel. Sure it has the hostel vibes with games at night, a bar and restaurant and lots of young people but the accommodation is so different! You can stay in your very own ocean side bungalow for under $15 PP if you’re travelling with a friend or partner! Of course, dorm rooms are even cheaper but I’d highly recommend getting your own bungalow or tent on the beach!

KL Skyline Hostel ($19/night) πŸ“ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

spellbound travels kl skyline and rooftop hostel
IG: @klskylinehostelrooftopinfi

I don’t know about you but I’ve always wanted to stay at a hostel with an infinity pool. Something about it just screams luxury and that’s something I can certainly get behind for a mere $19/night! They’ve appeared to stay open throughout the pandemic so if you’re planning on heading to Malaysia in 2021, I’d hit up this hostel.

Travellers Cave Pension ($14/night) πŸ“ Cappadocia, Turkey 

spellbound travels travellers cave pension turkey hostel
IG: @travellers_cave_pension

Nothing says one of the most unique hostels quite like this cave hostel! It’s right in the heart of Cappadocia, Turkey, where you can view the hot air balloons over sunrise or take a ride in one for yourself. You also won’t find better accommodation in this part of Turkey, especially something as unique as this one.

Bambuda Castle ($21/night) πŸ“ Boquete, Panama

spellbound travels bambuda castle panama hostel
IG: @bambudacastle

Bambuda Castle is one of the most interesting hostels I’ve ever seen. The architecture is so beautiful and there’s even a rock climbing wall, pool and Jacuzzi at the back of the propery. If you’re willing to spend a little extra, check out Bambuda Lodge which is another hostel in Panama with a water slide leading right into the ocean!

Caveland ($23/night) πŸ“ Santorini, Greece

spellbound travels caveland santorini hostel
IG: @hostelgeeks

Okay, I know I’m going a little crazy here with another hostel over $20/night but remember we’re taking in CAD, so this still applies if you’re working with USD or other currencies, right? 😏 I couldn’t bear to see this hostel not make the cut because sleeping in a cave seems pretty cool if you ask me. It’s also got a stunning pool and everything is white with the traditional blue accents!

Which one of these unique hostels will you try first?

With travel starting to make a bit of a comeback, it’s time to plan your next adventure. Will it be to a water park in Cambodia? Or perhaps a short getaway to Portugal? Either way, add these hostels to your list and let me know if you’ve stayed at other unique hostels around the world in the comments below!


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