Travel Gift Guide 2020

spellbound travels travel gift guide

Wondering what you should gift your travel obsessed friend/partner/family member for the holidays this year? This travel gift guide will set you up with the best travel related gifts that work for any budget. Let’s get into it!

Travel Gift Guide

Budget Gifts/Stocking Stuffers:

I don’t know about you but I’m allllllll about the budget gifts especially since budget travel is my thing. These ideas are awesome if you’re after something thoughtful AND affordable. You might be able to snag a few last minute but some are from Etsy and they might stop shipping a few days before Christmas so keep that in mind!

Ocean Wave Ornaments:

spellbound travels ocean wave christmas ornament

These ocean wave ornaments are perfect for beach lovers! Resin art is so beautiful and the seller has many other pieces that could make beautiful gifts this year.

You can find the stone ornaments on Etsy for $27 here or the wooden ones for $35 here.

Travel Laundry Bag:

spellbound travels travel laundry bag

Anyone who’s been backpacking for more than a few weeks will know how crucial a travel laundry bag is! Separating your clean clothes from the ones that need washing helps you feel a little more organized when you’re on the go.

You can find them on Amazon for $12 but I’ve also seen them in book stores and gift shops!

Refillable Perfume Bottle:

spellbound travels refillable perfume bottle amazon

These refillable bottles are a godsend when you’ve just stepped off a long flight and want to freshen up a bit!

You can get them last minute on Amazon or you may be able to find them at your local drug store.

Phone Tripod:

spellbound travels phone tripod with remote

This phone tripod with a remote control has helped me get quite a few photos while travelling on my own. The legs are bendy so you can hook them onto a tree, pole or tripod and take photos with ease.

Buy it on Amazon for under $20!

World Map Coasters:

spellbound travels world map coasters

If the person you’re buying for is settled somewhere for the next little while, world map coasters could make for an excellent gift!

Find them on Etsy for $10 here!


Getting spectacular photos printed from a photographer can make for a unique gift. If the person you’re buying from is dying to go to a certain place or has beautiful photos of their own, get them printed and they can hang them up at home!

Personalized Journal:

spellbound travels personalized travel journal etsy

I absolutely LOVE these personalized journals! I’ve been journalling for over 3 years to document my travels so I think anyone who travels often would appreciate this gift. I also love how these journals are made from recycled paper!

Find them on Etsy for $15 here.

Microfibre Towel:

spellbound travels quick dry travel towel

A quick dry towel is essential for any backpacking trip! You don’t want to be lugging around a wet and heavy towel each time you catch a flight or are onto the next place.

Find these travels on Amazon for $19!

Solid Cosmetics:

spellbound travels lush shampoo bars

I swear by solid cosmetics while travelling, especially shampoo and conditioner bars. Not only will they last a few months but they’re so easy to pack! You can buy them online but I personally get mine from Lush.

Get yours from Lush here.

Last Minute Gifts:

If you’re in a pinch for a last minute, you should be able to find these on Amazon or local stores. Subscriptions are also great for last minute gifts so I threw a few of them in this travel gift guide!

Scratch Off Travel Map:

spellbound travels scratch off map amazon

You can’t go wrong with a scratch off map! I’ve had mine for a few years and it’s always fun to scratch off a new country. You can find them at book/gift store and online so it’s a great option if you missed someone on your list.

Find it on Amazon for under $30 here.

Airbnb Gift Card:

An Airbnb gift card is perfect for a last minute Christmas gift! While international travel isn’t back to normal, Airbnb can be used for local getaways.

Buy a gift card online here!

Workaway Subscription:

Workaway is a community used to exchange work for travel. You can buy a single membership for $44 USD/year or a couple membership for $56 USD/year. Once you’re signed up, you can browse through the many hosts and jobs available and find work all around the world!

Gift a Workaway subscription here.

Lightning SD Memory Card Reader:

spellbound travels apple lightning to sd card reader

This gift is a game changer for anyone into photography! It saves you the hassle of importing photos from your camera onto your laptop and then transferring it to your phone. Instead, you can import them directly to your phone and edit and post from there!

Buy it from Apple in store or online!


spellbound travels travel hammock amazon

A travel hammock is a fun gift for anyone who spends a lot of time hiking or camping. Make sure you choose one that’s lightweight for easy transportation!

Buy from any camping/outdoor store or online here.

Global Adapter:

spellbound travels global adapter amazon

Global adapters are necessary for any traveller! Pick one with multiple USB ports to charge multiple devices all at once.

Buy it at BestBuy, other electronic stores or find it on Amazon here!

Solar Powered Power Bank:

spellbound travels solar powered power bank amazon

One of the worst things that can happen when travelling is your phone dying suddenly – especially if you’re travelling alone. This portable charger can be recharged by leaving it out in the sun for a few hours and it also has a flashlight which can come in handy on hikes or navigating your way in the dark.

Buy it from Amazon here.

Audible Subscription:

An audible subscription is a great choice for bookworms who are constantly lugging books with them on their travels. Audio books are perfect for long train or bus rides or when you’re trying to kill time at the airport.

Gift a subscription here.

Packing Cubes:

spellbound travels packing cubes best buy

Packing cubes provide the organization you need when living out of a backpack! Simply put, they make the entire packing process a whole lot easier.

Get them for under $30 from BestBuy here!

Luxury Gifts:

Looking to spend a little extra cash on that special someone? These gifts come at a higher price point but are sure to impress!

GRAYL Water Bottle:

spellbound travels GRAYL water bottle

The GRAYL water bottle may have been the best travel item I’ve ever purchased! It filters water from any stream, river, lake etc for fresh and clean water on the go. I used my GRAYL throughout my time in Asia with no problems and also made use of it when hiking in Hawaii.

Save 10% on your first order.

Polaroid Camera:

spellbound travels polaroid snap camera

A polaroid is a fun gift for anyone who travels! I personally love this Polaroid Snap because it’s compact and gives you the option to take the photo in black and white, sepia or colour.

Get your hands on the Polaroid Snap camera here.


spellbound travels kindle amazon

If the person you’re buying for is constantly bringing books with them everywhere they go, it might be time to get them a kindle! They’re easy to pack and bring anywhere they go and can store hundreds of books.

Buy a Kindle on Amazon here.


spellbound travels beginner drone amazon

Drones have become increasingly popular in travel photography over the past few years. They can be the difference between good photos and specular photos! This drone is a great place to start if the person you’re buying for is a beginner.

Get your hands on a drone here.


spellbound travels invisawear keychain

Travelling alone as a woman can be worrying at times. If keeping my solo female travel safety tips on deck isn’t enough to put your mind at ease, you can buy a necklace, bracelet or keychain from invsaWear. By pushing a hidden button twice, you can reach up to five emergency contacts and it can also contact 911 on your behalf if you’re from the USA.

Buy invisaWear here & use my code INVISAWEAR-SPELLBOUND for 10% off!

Surprise Trip/Plane Tickets:

This travel gift guide wouldn’t be complete without listing the obvious! Anyone who loves to travel would love a surprise trip. This can be anything from a weekend getaway to international flights, depending on your budget.

Well that concludes my list for 2020. Good luck with your holiday gifting and I’ll see you in the next blog!


Amy xx

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