14 Travel Accessories You Can’t Leave Behind

spellbound travels must have travel accessories

Do you ever have trouble trying to figure out what to bring with you for a trip? Packing is hard enough as it is, so I’m here to share the travel accessories you can’t leave behind!

1. Neck Pillow

If you don’t already have a neck pillow, I’d highly suggest grabbing one! Not only are they great for flights but more I’ve also used them heaps on buses, trains and in hostels if the pillows look dirty. Make sure to get one with a loop on it so that you can clip it onto your backpack or suitcase and don’t have to worry about carrying another thing around.

2. Filtered Water Bottle

Using the GRAYL water bottle to filter tap water in Cambodia

If you’re thinking about travelling to any country that may have unsafe drinking water, getting a filtered water bottle is a MUST! I got my bottle from GRAYL and as per their website, it removes “waterborne pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoan cysts), including Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Giardiasis, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Cholera, Salmonella, Dysentery and more” and filters “particulates (sediment, microplastics) and many chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals”.

How it works

The bottle works by filling the outer bottle up to the ‘fill line’ and then pressing the filter part down until it’s inside the outer bottle (see my video above 👆🏽). It takes about 15 seconds to push down and have a full bottle of clean water! You’ll know to change the filter when it starts taking up to 30 seconds to push down on the press.

Buyer beware …

If you do a quick search online, you’ll find hundred of water bottles that ‘filter’. While that may be so, they might not filter or remove all the dangerous items from water that will be present in third world countries so do your research beforehand!

I used my bottle for a few months in South East Asia and during the Stairway to Heaven hike (filtered water from a stream) with no trouble. If you’re going to buy any of these travel accessories, I’d recommend getting a GRAYL bottle!

*PRO TIP* Get your bottle on a holiday when they mark down the prices and you’ll get a solid discount!

3. Laundry Bag

If you’ve gone backpacking before, you’ll understand the struggle to keep your clean and dirty clothes separated. In fact, it seems nearly impossible to keep things organized when you’re constantly going through your bag and in a rush to get to the next destination.

Having a plastic bag that you can use to store your laundry will help keep your things sorted and ready to go when you find a place or hostel to get your washing done! I have this travel laundry bag that folds up when you’re not using it and it’s lasted me years.

4. External Charger (solar powered)

I never travel without an external charger! When you travel, you’re often using your phone a lot more to take photos/videos, look for directions etc., so your phone is bound to die a lot faster than it normally would. If you have an extra charger on hand, you don’t need to be stressed about your phone getting to low battery. They’re especially handy to have if you’re travelling solo and may need access to your phone for safety reasons!

It’s even better if you can get your hands on a solar powered charger. This way you can leave your charger out on the beach and recharge it that way!

5. Fanny Pack/Bum Bag

If you’ve been following my travels on Instagram, you would’ve seen me sporting my fanny pack around Asia. Whether you back the comeback or not, there’s no denying that it’s practical!

A fanny pack is great for days where you’re taking a stroll around a new city and don’t want to take a large day pack with you. I find it’s secure and harder for thiefs to get to your things.

You can get new ones online but I got mine for $3 at my local thrift store!

6. Quick-Dry Towel

A quick-dry towel is made of microfibers and you guessed it .. dries quickly! When you’re on the move, the last thing you want to do is lug a wet towel around with you. It makes for the perfect shower towel if the hostel you’re at doesn’t provide towels!

I got mine from MEC but you can find them for much cheaper on Amazon here.

7. TWO Pairs of Earphones

Of course you’re going to bring earphones for your trip, but have you thought about bringing a backup pair?

I always bring one wireless and one standard set of wired earphones. Why? If your wireless ones die on you, you have another set that works and if the wired ones break you’ve got the wireless!

8. Reusable Ziplock Bags

spellbound travels stasher reusable ziplock bag

These reusable ziplock bags from Stasher are not only sustainable but a GOD SEND while backpacking! Pack snacks for your flights, bring a sandwich to the beach, stash some food from the free breakfast at the hostel for later … You can also put these bags in the freezer, microwave and boiling water so the possibilities are endless!

A bit pricey but soooo worth it!

9. Pens

It seems like an obvious thing to bring along but I somehow misplace/lose pens on the daily while travelling! 🙈

Keep one or two in your carry-on for filling out immigration forms on the flight and another few in your backpack for when you lose the others.

10. Journal

Do you use a journal?

I’ve been journalling for 3 years now and find it’s the best way to keep track of my travels. Using a journal will also conserve memories you wouldn’t typically have if you just took pictures and videos of your adventures!

11. Packing Cubes

With so many travel accessories on the market, I used to think packing cubes weren’t necessary. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely get by without them but after being gifted one from another traveller during my last trip, I’m now pro packing cubes!

You don’t need to buy the expensive/fancy kinds. You can reuse any cloth bag you may have at home and separate undies, socks, bikinis, etc in those bags! I realized I had been doing that all along but it definitely helps when the majority of your items are separated into different categories.

You can find reasonably priced packing cubes here!

12. Universal Power Adapter

A universal power adapter is probably the most practical of these travel accessories. If you plan on travelling to many different countries, you need to account for different power outlets. I’d suggest getting a universal adapter so that you never have to worry about not having a way to charge your technology!

It always helps to choose one with multiple USB ports so that you can charge multiple items at a time.

You’ll find heaps on Amazon here.

13. Sarong

If you don’t already have a sarong in your closet, don’t fret! You can find them virtually everywhere in Asia and in many other countries. I got mine in the Philippines for about $2 and I think I’ve got my money’s worth.

Sarong’s can be used as:

  • A beach towel
  • A beach cover up
  • A shawl to cover your shoulders when going into temples
  • A hat/headscarf

14. Polaroid Camera

Last up is a polaroid camera! This travel accessory is a must because you can take pictures with new friends and have the print immediately. I always date my pictures and put them in an album once I get home!

I’ve used the FujiFilm polaroid in the past but I recently met someone who had this Polaroid camera and I think it’s a better option. You have the option for black and white, sepia or colour and it’s much slimmer than the FujiFilm camera, taking up less room in your backpack!

So those have been my tried and true travel accessories. Let me know if there’s any good ones I’ve missed in the comments below and see you next Tuesday!



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