Top 13 Instagrammable Places in Asia

Planning your post-Corona trip? Asia is a great spot if youโ€™re on a budget and offers so many picturesque spots! Read on for my top 13 Instagrammable places in Asia!

1. The Note Coffee Cafe, Hanoi (Vietnam)

Hanoi has many hidden gems if you go looking for them but this well known cafe is a must!

The city of Hanoi is much cooler (temp wise) than the rest of Vietnam, so cozy up with a drink and write some notes for friends or strangers. You can write as many as you want and stick them anywhere in the multi-story building. Seriously, anywhere โ€“ can you spot the ceiling notes?

Oh, and we can’t forget that such a unique spot makes for a superb Insta addition!

2. Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

spellbound traves galle fort sri lanka

An old Dutch Fort in Sri Lanka? Galle is an unexpected, yet beautiful place to stop for the day in Sri Lanka!

You’ll feel like you’re in Europe as you walk along cobblestone streets, dine at cute restaurants/cafes and pass shops with hand made items. Not to mention that all of the beautiful white and colourful buildings make for a stunning backdrop! You can easily catch a local bus from Mirissa for less than a dollar and spend your day exploring all that Galle has to offer.

3. Hang Mua Caves, Ninh Binh (Vietnam)

Of all the Instagrammable places in Asia, Hang Mua Caves was the most surprising.

Entrance to this nature park costs no more than a few dollars and has various viewpoints along the way. It will cost you more to enter the caves so I skipped it and had a great time. Even on a cloudy/rainy day it’s a photographer’s dream! While it’s a popular tourist destination, you can still get great pictures without others in them.

4. Coron, Palawan (The Philippines)

The Philippines are known for the beautiful blue water and beaches but with over 7000 islands it can be tough to know where to start! Coron was my favourite stop because it wasn’t as busy as El Nido and offered many opportunities to get private island hopping tours on your own for CHEAP!

Head to my Philippines backpacking itinerary for the ins and outs of exploring many of the beautiful islands.

5. 4k Beach, Koh Rong (Cambodia)

spellbound travels 4k beach koh rong

Koh Rong is a stunning Cambodian island with secluded beaches as far as the eye can see!

4K Beach is a long stretch of white sand (the squeaks when you walk on it!) and crystal clear water. Scattered with palm trees and only a small selection of treehouse, bungalow and tent ‘resorts’ or hostels, you’ll find yourself with the beach to yourself most of the time.

Just beware of the sandflies that will leave you with itchy bites for over a month (I know from personal experience ๐Ÿ™„)! You should be able to avoid them if you come prepared with bug spray day and night.

Regardless of the bugs, this is one Instagrammable spot in Asia that you shouldn’t miss!

6. Ella, Sri Lanka

If you think the train from Kandy to Ella looks beautiful, just wait until you get to explore Ella for yourself!

It was probably one of my favourite Instagrammable places in Asia because there’s beauty around every corner! From hiking Little Adam’s Peak, to views from above and below the Nine Arch Bridge, watching monkeys climbing up in the trees and exploring waterfalls, Ella did not disappoint.

7. Angkor Wat, Siem Reap (Cambodia)

spellbound travels angkor wat siem reap
Angkor Wat at sunrise

What’s a stop in Siem Reap without visiting Angkor Wat?

The busiest time to go is at sunrise because it offers an array of magical colours as the sun peaks over the ancient temple. The early start time also aids in avoiding the unbearable humidity and +40 degree weather. I knew that this UNESCO World Heritage Site would be beautiful but I never imagined it would be this stunning!

After capturing the sunrise, there are endless possibilities for photos among the different parts of the temple. Make sure to wear (lightweight) pants and a shirt that covers your shoulders as a sign of respect.

8. Ha Giang Loop, Vietnam

The Ha Giang Loop is another popular route for tourists travelling throughout Vietnam. Located at the top of the country, the Ha Giang Loop offers impeccable mountainous views that you won’t find anywhere else! Winding roads, rice fields and beautiful homestay’s with locals (where you can try their ‘happy water’) along the way.

The Loop is typically done in a few days and you can choose to either ride a scooter on your own or pay a little extra for an easy rider with your own driver. I’d highly suggest doing the easy rider and avoiding renting scooters on your own as many injure themselves along this route and throughout Vietnam and find themselves without insurance coverage. Almost all insurance companies WON’T cover scooter accidents unless you have a motorbike license at home, so beware!

I won’t be riding a scooter in Asia ever again … but that’s just me! You can find my full story here.

9. Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

spellbound travels unawatuna rope swing sri lanka

Hitting you with another one of Sri Lanka’s unreal spots.

Unawatuna is a coastal beach town where you can stumble upon this rope swing. The swing will only put you back a dollar or two but you’ll get some amazing photos, surely making it worthwhile.

If you’re planning a trip to Sri Lanka head to my two week backpacking itinerary to find ALL the best spots!

10. Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Ubud (Indonesia)

Over the years Bali has become more and more touristy, somewhat taking away from its beauty …

With that being said, the Tegallalang Rice Terraces still remain one of the best Instagrammable spots in Asia! I ended up having a rainy day that only resulted in better photos than I could’ve imagined. You can walk along the different levels of terraces and explore for yourself.

Read my full Bali itinerary to see how you can travel through the island for less than $50 a day!

11. Kawasan Falls, Cebu (The Philippines)

spellbound travels kawasan falls cebu

It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with any destination in The Philippines!

The Kawasan Falls are breathtaking and offer many great photo ops but keep in mind that it’s VERY built up and touristy now. You may want to go early in the morning to avoid crowds or get a little creative when it comes to capturing it’s magic! ๐Ÿ˜

12. White Beach, Koh Rong (Cambodia)

White Beach is the best spot on Koh Rong Island to catch a beautiful sunset!

Work on your silhouette photography skills with ease. Even an iPhone will capture some of the most impressive sunsets! You can get a motorbike taxi or walk throughout the island to get there just before sunset. You’ll have the entire beach to yourself and will most definitely end up with amazing shots.

13. Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

spellbound travels coconut tree hill mirissa beach sri lanka

Sri Lanka was a country that never ceased to amaze me!

Take a stroll down to Coconut Tree Hill just a few minute walk from Mirissa Beach for unmatched ocean views. This has become a popular spot so you’re best to go early if you want to avoid crowds. I was able to get the photo above around 11AM with no problem though!

Don’t discount how beautiful Mirissa Beach can be at sunset. Each night offers a different range of colours as the sun sets behind the palm trees. Although a lot of people sit on the beach to watch the sunset, you can get some pretty cool photos if you bring a waterproof camera or your phone with a case into the water.

So there we have it! The top 13 Instagrammable places in Asia. Start planning your trip now and don’t look back!

Find more travel inspo over at my Instagram & DM me if you have any travel questions. Oh and don’t be afraid to share this with your friends while you work on convincing them to come with you next time you travel through Asia!



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