G Adventures Tour – 8 Days of Island Hopping

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If you haven’t travelled much before and want to dip your toes into the white sand beaches of Asia, look no further! It’s no secret that Thailand has become a popular tourist hot spot. When I visited, it was my first time travelling without parents so I was a tad bit nervous. After some thought, I decided that an organized tour would be the best way to ease me into the world of travel. The G Adventures tour I did in Thailand was an unforgettable experience and here’s why … 



The thing I loved most about this G Adventures tour was how many locations we went to!

Starting in Bangkok makes the most sense as that’s where most international flights come and go. It’s a busy city so there’s lots to do! If you decide to arrive a few days prior to a tour starting or travelling on your own with friends, you won’t be bored. Some of the main activities you can check out in Thailand’s capital include:

  • A street food crawl on Khaosan Road Hit up this famous strip for some traditional Thai food (and try some crispy insects if you’re up for it!)
  • Shopping at the Siam Center – This mall can be found in central Bangkok. It’s easily accessible by public transportation or hop on a tuk-tuk and has MANY floors with a lot to look at.
  • Wat Phra Chetuphon Temple – You need to see at least one temple while you’re in Thailand, so you might as well check this one out. Just make sure to cover yourself before entering with a scarf or you can rent/buy an outfit outside.
  • Bar hopping at night – Make sure to head to the Lebua Skytower for stunning views of the city any time of day or night. BONUS: It’s where they filmed part of The Hangover 3! 
  • River boat ride – Take a ride along the Chao Phraya River where you’ll pass by temples and get a truly unique experience of Bangkok.

Khao Sok National Park 

When I think back to my time in Thailand, Khao Sok National Park definitely stands out! The landscape consisting of bright blue water and large limestone formations was unlike anything I had ever seen before. 

This particular G Adventures tour makes navigating this National Park so much easier. You’ll hop on a small boat with the rest of the group and find yourself at beach huts for the day. There’s a large structure you can jump off into the water and kayaks at your disposal. A Thai lunch is also prepared for you. 10/10 would recommend!

Ko Samui / Ko Pha Ngan

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Koh Samui was the next stop on the tour I did back in 2016. Since looking at the updated tour itinerary, I appears as if they’ve swapped it out for Ko Phangan. So with that being said, I’ll give you a little background on both spots! 

Koh Samui:

This island is a great spot to chill for a few days and not as popular/touristy as Ko Tao (which you’ll be headed to next). Here are the top sights/activities to do:

  • Beach day You’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches at Koh Samui. One must see is Chaweng Beach which is central to the main touristy section of the island.
  • Big Buddha – Head to Big Buddha for the day and marvel in it’s beauty!
  • Night market – The night market at Koh Samui was such a memorable experience. Not only was the food amazing but there were so many shops with beautiful jewellery (perfect for souvenirs 😉).
  • Waterfalls – There’s heaps of waterfalls around this island but the only one I ended up going to was Na Muang Waterfall. While it was beautiful, it was PACKED with tourists! I’d probably try to find other one if I were to go back.

Ko Phangan:

While I’ve yet to experience Ko Phangan for myself, there’s definitely a few things I’d love to check out on that island. Some of which include:

  • Full moon party – I never experienced a true full moon party while I was in Thailand because my dates didn’t align with the schedule of the moon (I mean, come on!!). Full moon parties happen on other islands as well but here’s the schedule for Ko Phangan.
  • Khao Ra Hike – If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good view. Khao Ra is said to have 360 degree views of Ko Phangan and sounds like a must-do!

Ko Tao 

Ko Tao is the last beautiful spot you’ll spend time at before continuing on with your travels or heading back to Bangkok and returning home. It’s definitely a lively island with a young and vibrant crowd! 

  • Snorkelling/diving – If you love the water, Ko Tao is the place for you. Take up snorkelling or scuba diving for a very low price!
  • Kho Nang Yuan Viewpoint – You know the picture at the top of this blog? The one that made you click here in the first place? Ya, that’s this view point and it’s stunning. I’ll warn you now though that the stairs are KILLER! Make sure you hit the stair master at your gym before this trip to prepare.


Thailand is known for it’s cheap hostels to accommodate backpackers. If you choose to do a G Adventures tour, you’ll find that your accommodation will range from hotels with aircon to overnight trains and everything in between!

Now that I’ve experienced a few different travel styles I can say it’s quite nice to have a balance when it comes to accommodation. I’m used to the hostel life so it’s nice to have a few nights when you’re only sharing a room with one other person rather than 8+. 


Thailand has so many options when it comes to food. If you’re not used to savoury breakfasts (the standard in Thailand), there’s always heaps of fresh fruit to choose from no matter where you go! I personally love all the street food markets that you’ll find along the way.

Another big plus of this Thailand Tour with G Adventures is that SO many of the meals are included in the tour price. With many of the meals covered, you don’t need to worry about continuously taking money out at ATM’s. You also won’t need to carry around a lot of cash at once and possibly deal with theft. A win in my books!


Upon arriving in Thailand, you’ll quickly discover that overnight trains and ferries will become your main means of transportation. It’s not glamorous by any means but it’s the most efficient way to get around. Travelling overnight saves you so much time that could be wasted during sunlight!

Final thoughts

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If you’re new to travel or a little uneasy about travelling through Asia on your own, I’d definitely recommend doing a G Adventures tour! Not only is it a hassle free way to get around but it’s also a great starting point for making friends abroad.

Once again, you can find the G Adventures tour I did in Thailand here.

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