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In search of your next beach bathing spot? As a Canadian who flocked to Australia to escape the cold, you can count on me when it comes to finding the best beach! It’s always nice to kick back and relax on a hot summer day, but with so many options how can you possibly choose the right one?! I’ll be taking a crack at breaking down the top 6 best beaches in Melbourne and the surrounding area so you can decide what beach you’d like to cross off your list when you’re in the area!

6. St Kilda Beach

St Kilda is a classic. Where is lacks in its ‘uniqueness’ so to say, it makes up for with its cheerful vibes and charm. Being so close to the city (about a 15 minute tram ride), it’s quite the touristy spot. While this may be a deterrent to some, it can be a great spot for young travellers and Aussies as well, to meet new people and have a few drinks by the beach! Another cool aspect about St Kilda is that after watching a beautiful sunset, you can spot penguins by the pier. Definitely a spot worth checking out if your time in Melbourne is limited!

5. Elwood Beach

Sitting just a little further down the coast from St Kilda, Elwood beach has much clearer water and is a great spot to relax on a day off from work! This beach is a little more secluded and not as busy as St Kilda if you’re after more family friendly vibes. The visible Melbourne skyline is just the cherry on top!

4. Sorrento Back Beach

About an hour out of the city, Sorrento Back Beach is one of many beaches along the Mornington Peninsula with crystal clear water warm water and soft sand for all to enjoy! It’s definitely one of the best beaches in Melbourne in my opinion. This spot is great for a hot summer day but keep in mind that there aren’t many spots nearby to catch some shade so it’s best to come prepared with your fave beach umbrella.

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3. Half Moon Bay Beach

I discovered Half Moon Bay Beach only a few days ago and it is definitely a fun beach to check out. With a beautiful coastal walk, shipwreck and the infamous red bluff cliffs, a day spent at this beach is nothing short of an adventure! The bluffs get their red colour from the iron oxide and can be dangerous to climb in certain areas that aren’t supported. Another noteworthy aspect about the red bluff cliffs is their fleeting feature in the movie “Mad Max”. With the many activities available at this beach, its a great choice on days that are still sunny but not necessary one you’d spend lounging in the water.

2. Mount Martha Beach & Pillars

When it comes to Melbourne beaches, Mount Martha is definitely a fan favourite. With cliff jumping at the Mount Martha Pillars and a lovely area nearby with colourful beach boxes, there is something for everyone. As someone who prides themselves on embracing the adventurous side of life, Mount Martha had me at cliff jumping. If jumping off the rocks doesn’t tickle your fancy, its a nice spot to sit and people-watch, sunbath and hangout with friends. Mount Martha Beach is more suitable for families, as it’s quite spacious with beautiful beach boxes and clear water. What else could you ask for?

1. Bushrangers Bay Rock Pools (Cape Schanck)

And the winner is… Bushrangers Bay rock pools! Ok so I cheated a little because this technically isn’t a beach but I don’t think anyone would complain about stumbling upon these natural beauties. Just a short jaunt along a nature trail and around the corner of a small rocky beach, you’l find the most picturesque and breathtaking rock pools!  This hidden gem still remains somewhat unknown to many tourists and even some locals! Pro tip: to avoid the crowds, plan to come around 3/4pm while it’s still nice out but many of the morning/lunch crowd has already left to head home.

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So there we have it – a few of my fave spots in the Melbourne area! What are you waiting for? Grab your bathers & check out these beaches for yourself! I promise you won’t be disappointed..

Cheers for now,

Amy xx

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