Uncovering Iceland

I recently returned from what I would consider my most unique trip yet… Iceland!

Having only decided to book this trip 10 days prior, I had no clue what this magical and unknown land would have in store for me. I booked the hostel and a stay at the legendary Blue Lagoon of course, but everything else was left open.

I got a roommate of mine to drop me off at the airport and called my mom to let her know about my impromptu trip. Everyone thought I was crazy to up and leave for a week (especially during a school week – wooooooops), but I was craving a new adventure.

My first full day was spent walking around Reykjavik and getting to know the city a little better.

Day 2 was taken up by a hike to the Ölfus springs which was breathtaking.





Day 3 happened to land of Valentine’s Day and turned out to surprisingly be one of my best Valentine’s Day’s yet. I rented a car with a girl I had become friends with in my hostel room named Sarah, who was from Alberta, Canada and travelling alone.

We had similar ideas of things we wanted to see and do so we hopped in the car and took off to see the Golden Circle, which was comprised of waterfalls, geysers (not pictured unfortunately) and a volcanic crater. On the way back from the Golden Circle we stopped at Thingvellir National Park to see the Eurasian and American Tectonic plates! This was hands down the best part of the day. Sarah and I climbed between them (which isn’t exactly permitted – but if you’re up for a little adventure its definitely worth it) and even snuck behind the smaller waterfall pictured below!IMG_9761.jpg


I ended my romantic Valentine’s Day with a trip for one to the Blue Lagoon that evening. Since I booked my trip so last minute I wasn’t able to get an earlier time and therefore have no pictures, but it was still a great experience and a relaxing night.

My fourth day was spent walking around Reykjavik with Sarah. Among strolling through the city, we also happened to stop in at a well known Phallological museum (yes i know what you’re thinking, we did in fact go to a penis museum).



Once Sarah and I went our separate ways, I took a tour to see the Northern Lights (since she is lucky enough to see them in Alberta!!!!). I was so worried I wouldn’t have a chance to see them because the conditions hadn’t been great since arriving. With a chance of seeing them that night I hopped on the tour bus with my fingers crossed and met an awesome Australian girl and got to know her a little better, while we drove out of the city. Unfortunately I don’t have the best quality pictures to share but hopefully this gives you an idea of how spectacular it is to see the Northern Lights!


My final full day in Iceland was spent at an outdoor pool with some new people I had met, a solo trek along the ocean to the lighthouse and later a night of drinking with another Canadian, a German guy and a Lithuanian girl who I shared the hostel room with!


Iceland was definitely a trip to remember and kind of my first one flying solo. I have so many amazing memories and can’t wait for the next adventure to come!

Thanks for reading!

Amy xx

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