A New Year for new adventures

I’ve been having difficulty lately in terms of writing a new post because 2016 has most definitely been the most adventurous year of my life! It’s taken some time for me to come to terms with the fact that I’m not beginning this year with the trip of a lifetime to Australia, but instead have to focus on completing my fourth year of University.

While it’s been hard for me to move past such an incredible year in terms of travel, I’m hopeful that 2017 will bring about many new and exciting experiences! But before jumping into my next trip I thought I’d share some of my favourite pictures from my travels in 2016.

**Be warned: I went a little crazy and put at least 1/4 of my pictures for you to see


January 31: Bangkok, ThailandIMG_2277.jpg

February 1: Koh Sok National Park, ThailandIMG_2308.jpg

February 1: Surat Thani, ThailandIMG_2335.jpg

February 2: Ko Samui, ThailandIMG_2352.jpgIMG_2355.jpg


February 4: Koh Tao, Thailand


February 5: Chumphon, ThailandIMG_2430.jpgIMG_2427.jpg

February 7: Bangkok, Thailand –> Singapore, Singapore


February 8: Singapore, SingaporeIMG_2570.jpg

February 9: Badung, Bali, Indonesia IMG_2577.jpg

February 10, 11 &12: Ubud, Bali & other areas


February 13 & 14: Great Barrier Reef Cairns, Australia:IMG_7423.jpgIMG_2936.jpg

February 15 &16: Whitsunday Islands, AustraliaIMG_2943.jpgGOPR0380.jpgIMG_5016.jpg

February 17: Daydream Island, Australia IMG_4783.jpgIMG_2986.jpg

February 18: Emu Park, Australia IMG_3012.jpg

February 19 & 20: Queensland, AustraliaIMG_3080.jpgIMG_3082.jpgIMG_3036.jpg

February 20 & 21: Fraser Island, Queensland, AustraliaIMG_3118.jpgGOPR0421.jpgIMG_3147.jpg

February 22 & 23: Brisbane, AustraliaIMG_3185.jpgIMG_3230.jpg

February 25: Gold Coast, AustraliaIMG_3268.jpgIMG_3299.jpg

February 26-28: Sydney, AustraliaIMG_3340.jpgIMG_3320.jpgIMG_3383.jpg

February 28-29: Sydney –> Melbourne, AustraliaIMG_3423.jpgIMG_3435.jpg

March 5-28: Melbourne, Australia (and surrounding areas)IMG_3649.jpgIMG_5001.jpgIMG_3930.jpgIMG_3980.jpgIMG_4114.jpgIMG_4206.jpgIMG_3996.jpgIMG_4120.jpgIMG_4339.jpg

March 29-April 3: Great Ocean Road, AustraliaIMG_4441.jpgIMG_4500.jpgIMG_4631.jpgIMG_4503.jpgIMG_4661.jpgIMG_4688.jpgIMG_4734.jpg

April 4-June 16: Melbourne, AustraliaIMG_5304.jpgIMG_5263.jpgIMG_5214.jpgIMG_5315.jpgIMG_5439.jpgIMG_4802.jpgIMG_5082.jpgIMG_6949.jpgIMG_5540.jpgIMG_5757.jpgIMG_5761.jpgIMG_5981.jpg

June 16: Melbourne, Australia –> Los Angeles, USAIMG_6012 (1).jpg

June 17-21: Los Angeles, USAIMG_6170.jpgIMG_6174.jpgIMG_6041.jpgIMG_6177.jpgIMG_6150.jpgIMG_6215.jpgIMG_6312.jpg

So I gave up half way through 2016, once I realized I had heaps of pictures from the entire year and it would take wayyyyy too long to upload them all. At the very least you have a glimpse at the first 6 months of 2016 and my time during exchange.

While my most exciting adventures happened while abroad and travelling with my roommate and brother in other countries, I also have amazing memories from small road trips I did in 2016 (Chicago, Tobermory & Montreal), as well as exploring Hamilton, Ontario a little more (the city I live in while at University).

Looking back on these pictures and all the memories I’ve created has only made me more excited for 2017 and all of the possible adventures I may have the opportunity to have! With a few trips in mind (Europe and potentially back to Australia) who knows that this year may have in store.

I hope to have a new adventure to share with you all shortly!


Amy xx

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