Trekking through Tobermory, Ontario

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As most of you will know by now I’ve become quite the travel bug in the past year, so this summer I found myself looking for more places to check out and decided to do a weekend getaway with my boyfriend Connor.

I had no idea that such an amazing place was only a 3 hour drive from home! I’m starting to realize more and more that you really don’t need to go very far (or spend very much money) to have yourself a great adventure.

Connor and I began our trip by booking a cheap campsite, packing the car up with some food and alcohol and then hit the road. I didn’t really know what to expect from our trip, but it was nothing short of an amazing time! We spent most of it hiking through various trails to some spectacular look out points, as well as swimming in caves, exploring a few beaches and making some new friends at our campsite.

Here are a few of the good pictures from the weekend!


Crazy to think that such an amazing place can be found in Ontario, eh?! This trip truly made me realize how beautiful Canada is and that I need to dedicate more time to exploring such an unbelievable country I’m fortunate enough to call home!

Thanks to Tobermory I can’t wait to do more small trips close to home and in other provinces in the years to come! Oh Canada, you never disappoint.



Amy xx

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