Nostalgic thoughts

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For some reason I started to get nostalgic today about all of the travelling I’ve done thus far in 2016 and it really brought forth everything I’ve taken away from visiting new countries and places.

I don’t think anyone really understands how much travel can affect you until you’ve flown across the world and explored a new city, island, forest, etcetera and can compare it to your life back at home. Coming from such an amazing country that is Canada, its hard to believe how often we get caught up in small negative aspects of our lives. Looking back at 2015 there were so many instances where I never truly appreciated the life I have.

Seeing how other people live completely changed my perspective about my own life and my daily thought process. I come back from each new adventure to a new place developing a new found appreciation for everything I have at home – a car, a safe place to live, food, a job, an education – the list goes on and on.

I think its important once and a while to really reflect on the positivity in your life and take a little bit of that with you every day, making your life as a whole, more positive. After coming home from the trip of a lifetime I’ve found that things that had once annoyed me to no end were no longer such a big deal – work problems, family issues and relationships as a whole. Its crazy to think that seeing a little more of the world can have such an affect on someone, but it absolutely does.

I encourage anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to travel much in their life to do so, because it is one thing you will spend money on and never regret. Travel opens your eyes not only to different ways of life but also such beauty that is found all over the world. So stop making excuses about work, money or school and find the time – even if its just for a week or two – to see a little more of the world and to widen your perspective on life!

If I even inspire one person to break out of their bubble of comfort to go see a new part of the world, that would make me so happy!

Back with more soon,

Amy xx

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