Bring me back to Balangan Beach, Bali

Hi everyone!

Now that I’ve been home for a month, working two jobs and back to reality, I find myself reminiscing more and more about the month I travelled before exchange.

Bali is most definitely a unique destination that I loved exploring! The first place Reb and I stayed at was Balangan Beach which is a well known surfing area in Bali. We stayed in a cute little hut (which was not as glamourous as it seemed in 40 degree weather).


Luckily the Airbnb/resort we were staying in had a pool and beach right around the corner. Here are some pictures of the few days we spent there!



We spent an entire day on this stunning beach, where I got extremely burnt (but it was totally worth it)


The next day we headed over to this cliff above the beach and took in the view, which was amazing.


Would definitely recommend this area of Bali for anyone travelling there, it was beautiful!


Amy xx

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