Hittin’ up Hollywood

Hello readers!

I recently got back from a trip of a lifetime as some of you may already know and my travels ended with five days in LA with my younger brother Alec. He had always dreamed of going to LA so when I booked my flight home from Melbourne I planned a stop over there so we could take a few days to explore the city and its surrounding areas.

On our second day in LA we decided to check out Hollywood and all it had to offer. We walked down Hollywood Blvd to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, checked out some shops along Rodeo Drive and hiked up Griffith park.

Here are some pictures we took along the way!


Unfortunately I was unable to capture the Hollywood sign for you all to see as it was a smoggy day, but you were lucky enough to enjoy a rare sighting of my brother and I getting along!

Stay posted for more posts of me reminiscing about my travels!

Amy xx

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