Flying through my final day in Australia

Hello readers!

Sorry I’ve been AWOL but life has been getting in the way. As some of you may know I sadly had to say my goodbyes to the most amazing country I have ever visited/lived in a few days ago.

I had wanted to go skydiving since arriving in Australia but had been holding out while I searched for a willing companion to join me. When it came down to my final week I started to think about skydiving again and how I would regret not going, so two days before I left I called up Skydive Australia and booked a skydive alone.

I’m not exactly sure how I came to make the final decision on going by myself but I figured I couldn’t leave Australia without crossing it off my bucketlist, with or without a mate to accompany me.

So my final day in Melbourne came and I managed to make it over to the skydiving area while I texted my younger brother telling him to tell my parents I love them if I didn’t make it.

The nerves started to kick in a bit but I surprisingly wasn’t very nervous about it in general. So I got in the bus that took a group of us to the airport and sat at the back of the plane with my instructor. It was at that point that I realized we were going last and I was going to have to witness 12 random people fly out of this plane before me.

When it was finally our time to jump out I have to admit I freaked out a bit for a split second as we did a front flip out of the plane – but at the same time it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. Nothing gets better than free falling from 14 000 feet for a little over a minute above the ocean in Australia. I loved being able to see all of Melbourne from such a height, taking in all of its beauty.

So once the parachute opened and we were making our way down to the landing area my instructor tells me that he forgot to tie his shoes so I had to do them up before we landed. And of course this was captured for your viewing pleasure.

Amy Rae 0257

Once I finished tying his shoes we landed so effortlessly on our feet and a mate I had made from Montreal showed up in support of me going alone.

When I had the pictures in hand I sent my mom one of them and waited for her reaction as she had no idea what I was up to that day. Later on in the evening I finished packing up everything , left my loving housemates and took off on the tram for the last time to the building my mates from University of Melbourne lived in. We went out that night as somewhat of a goodbye get together and then I waited a few hours before getting an Uber to the airport.

I’ve gotta say that my last day in Melbourne was amazing, but the entire time I spent Australia was truly life changing and eye opening. All the people I met, whether they had a positive or negative impact on my life, changed the way I view the world. Travelling before exchange, as well as during my time in Australia is something I will never forget and it has sparked an inherent desire for travel and adventure. I’m so thankful for all the experiences and memories I have and I can now say confidently that I will be back in Aussie land someday and exploring as many countries as possible.

More posts coming your way soon,

Cheers xx

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