Visiting Sydney

I’m back!

For those of you who have been reading about my travels, sorry for my lack of posts lately. I’ve found it more difficult than usual to write as my time in Australia is slowly coming to an end.

I arrived in Sydney with my good mate and travel partner Reb, as well as her parents, before flying down to Melbourne. We walked around the city a little, hit up some amazing restaurants, took a ferry through the Sydney Harbour, and of course saw the Opera House!




Since we happened to be in Sydney over the period of a weekend, we decided to check out a bar or club in the city. So we went out in our matching outfits (but of course) and came across a club called The Ivy. We met a few interesting people that night and stayed out till the wee hours of the morning.


Because Reb is currently studying at University of Sydney, I also helped her move in to her apartment/student village and then stayed with her for one night when her parents left. The next day we checked out the famous Bondi Beach, which I will go into further detail with in another post in the future. For now here’s a little sneak peak.


Words can’t describe how happy I was to get to see Sydney with Reb and her family. They were amazing to travel with and I wouldn’t have wanted to see Sydney with anyone else!


Amy xx

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