Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Hello everyone!

So I recently stumbled upon the famous Hosier Lane street art in the Melbourne CBD while exploring the city and thought I’d share a few pictures I took. This lane probably has the coolest graffiti I’ve seen before, so enjoy!


“Maybe if I pose for a picture in front of this wall, it will help hide the fact my life is a lie” – I liked this one in particular & found it funny because of how many people looking at the graffiti were taking multiple posed pictures of themselves simply to post it on social media.

My friend Reb who travelled with me earlier this year actually came from Sydney to visit me in Melbourne and we stopped by this lane again so she could check it out.


I still can’t believe how stunning the street art was and will probably be back again before I leave Melbourne. Definitely a spot worth checking out!

Hope you all enjoyed the pics!


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