Ko Tao, Thailand

Hello readers,

I’m currently sitting in my hostel in Melbourne, without a home for the next four months, and it’s got me reminiscing about my first week travelling. I’m not going to lie – coming to new country and trying to find a home has been a lot harder of an adjustment for me than expected, so here’s a little bit more about my time in Thailand.

Ko Tao is an amazing island located on the Western shore of The Gulf of Thailand. I was unfortunately only able to spend a few days here with my tour group but had the most amazing time.

Each morning we woke up to this spectacular view and then had time to look around the various little shops, go to the beach or just explore the island a bit.


One of the days while we were on the island we had the opportunity to snorkel at a few different spots. This was my first time snorkelling and it was a good time. Not quite as spectacular as The Great Barrier Reef, but still a great experience with my friends on the tour.


Our tour group spent our last night together at Ko Tao and had the best time going out for some drinks at local bars. We also watched a fire show for a few hours on the beach where the locals would dance with burning chains. My friend actually got to be part of one which was cool to see, but she ended up getting burnt so I’m happy I missed out on that!

Unfortunately I haven’t quite figured out how to insert videos for you to see but when I do I’ll definitely post it!

With that being said I’m definitely a little sad I’m no longer in a carefree vacation world anymore but I’m excited to see what the rest of my time in Australia has in store for me!

I’ll keep you posted,


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